Monday, November 23, 2009

preparing for construction.........

Its 4pm central time and the guys just called and said they were heading home to "bust out the wall!!!!!!!!!!" YIKES!!!!!! The Mav is coming over to HELP............DOUBLE YIKES!!!!!!!!! I guess if she goes into labor I could help and Bethany has delivered LOTS of goaties!!!!! Her due date was yesterday!!!! The wood truck is out unloading!!!!!!!!! This is MAJOR!!!!!!!!!! Excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Pray for us if you think about it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today is the 23rd, 34 months ago, Joel went to see Jesus. Its hard to believe we are coming up on three years since he went to heaven. Great grace has been given. I miss him yet I feel a calm and I do not feel necessarily sad today, just acknowledging him in anyway I can. I love you and wish you could tell me too..........

We are gearing up for the big construction to take place on Wed. I have a few boxes so I decided to pack up a few things, like pictures, candles and things on the computer area to maybe help a little bit on keeping the dust off. I know its going to be major messy! We have hung some sheets up around two book cases and we are planning on hanging some plastic up in two places to try to keep the dust and all from the back rooms. We have moved some furniture away from the take out wall and lastly we'll have to move the tables. The Lord has granted, from the looks of the weather forecast sunny days so that is a huge answer to prayer because a couple of nights we will likely be sleeping under the stars with a partial of the back roof off of the house. If you think about it, pray all we will go well and have safety. The wood is suppose to be delivered Tuesday and Terry and I are going today to order the windows and the French door. I'll see if we can post pictures of the action in progress, the computer area might not be easy access.

We are going to get some of our Thanksgiving baking done today. Also Bethany and Anna have a woman that they are baking for, all of her desserts for Thanksgiving. This lady wanted 2 pecan pies, a pumpkin pie, one dozen choc. peanut clusters, 2 pans of cin. rolls, chocolate delight and 2 cream cheese danish. That will be some extra cash for them!!!!!

What is your meal for Thanksgiving? We are having an 18 pound turkey and a 12 pound brisket that Elijah is going to smoke, mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, cornbread dressing, sweet potato casserole for the meal and rolls For dessert, they requested this; 2 pecan pies, a cheesecake, choc. peanut clusters and fall sugar cookies. Hopefully we'll have leftovers for Thursday evening :)

So blessed and thankful for sooo much..........


Anonymous said...

Wow! I bet you are all excited about getting more room soon!

I found your blog last week or so an have e-mailed your daugher Bethany once... you sound like a neat family and are quite like my own. :)

For Thanksgiving, well, you named just about everything! Turkey, dressing with gravy (yum!) sweet potato casserole, probably homemade rolls and oh! can't forget the cranberry sauce!

Sarah G

Leanne said...

Sounds like things are moving right along there....

Yummy menu!

We'll have turkey, green beans, corn, homemade rolls, homemade cranberry lemon sauce, pickle cream cheese bundles, gravy, stuffing....and pumpkin pies! We're going over to my folks's house, where we will soon live!

I used to cook freezer meals for extra money. It's always an idea we can resort to if we need to. Good for you daughters for thinking of something that won't take them out of the home but will make extra money.

Take care this week and may your Thanksgiving be so beautiful and peaceful!

Anonymous said...

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