Wednesday, November 18, 2009

getting ready for the demo team !!!!!!

Remember our house project??? In Feb. 09 they put up the Build Block behind our kitchen/dinning area, the concrete slab is done as well. Now its time for the roof and the windows to go in. So this time next Wed. Lord willing and weather permitting, the "demolishin' team" will take part of the back wall to our house out!!!! If you look at the picture, see the yellow lines Bethany put on there, that whole wall will be taken out. If your looking at the picture, our fireplace and living area is to the left. After the yellow line on the right is the remainder of the kitchen wall that holds the sink, dishwasher and counter space that will come out as soon as we have provision for all the the new kitchen area cabinets and then adding appliances, sinks. But for now we will have extra space, yea!!!! The new ceiling/roof inside will be vaulted and we hope to put tongue and groove wood on it. I'll move the tables in there and we'll probably set up the ping-pong table for the winter. I do not know when we'll get the sheet rock on, we can not do all of it because of the kitchen area and future cabinets. I hope we can get some electricity going before long so it will not be to dark, although the windows will help. So next week, I'll show you the wall all gone :) It is going to be a big mess I know but so neat to have more space!!! On Monday and Tuesday us girls have to be busy preparing all that we can for Thanksgiving as there will be tons of dust flying. Elijah is going to smoke a turkey and another type of meat outside on Wed. so that will help with all the food preparations. If you would like, you can pray the Lord will give us good weather and safety as they work. After the wall is out and we get it all cleaned up then I am ready to decorate for Christmas, fun!!

Tonight the older children are again practicing with the orchestra for the Christmas cantata that they are in at the B's church, I am going to a baby shower for Kate and tomorrow is grocery day. I am thinking of some more "give a ways," so stay tuned!

Have a great day........


Anonymous said...

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Mountain Mama said...

Hello My Friend!
Oh how very exciting!! Can't wait to see the new wall and all the extra space. Maybe someday I will sit at the table and drink some tea with a friend. :)

I, too, wish your guys were building our barn. Wouldn't that be fun to have your family here?! The steel frame started going up today. Exciting!

My parents are in OK finishing up the details of handing over the One Stop Stores. They are thrilled to be done with those "headaches". A guy is leasing them with intention to buy in a year. Keep praying!


Teena said...

Wow how exciting. We have added on through the years and I love the extra room. :) Looking forward to seeing all that happens. I am praying.

Will be praying about Thanksgiving and all of your preparing.

Mandi will be home this Friday... Wyatt (7) wanted to count the days so we made a paper chain. Only two links left... well, since it is Thursday (and I haven't went to bed yet ;) really just ONE day left but two links... each morning he cuts one off! She will be hope 9 days... then back for 2 wks then home for Christmas. YAY.

We are having a Harvest Fest with our hs group tomorrow and I have been typing up all the kids memory verses... (they recite verses at the Harvest Fest. My Wesley (6) can say over 50. My Wyatt (7) around 65.. and my Alyssa (12) 101~ Why am I telling you this? lol I thought they could do more... but us quoting the scripture together is so soothing... isn't it? HIS WORD. It also makes me realize how much more we need to memorize. Plus I have learned memorizing long passages is so much better then hit and miss.

Hope it was ok to share that.

Have fun at the shower....

Much Love... dear friend!