Saturday, November 21, 2009

lots of guy workers.....(and a few girls too)

Today was a great work day! What a blessing to have so many guys to work hard! Micah has been taking down a chain link fence around our backyard, about 200 feet, and behind that was lots of bushy underbrush. So we were thinking how nice it would be to clear that out as Lord willing we look out our new french doors next week after the wall comes out and see all that removed, leaving the bigger trees. A huge brush pile was mounded up for a later burning, like when it snows, its huge!!!!!! We'll have our own fireman on hand though:) Terry was givng the little guys an opportunity to earn some muscles in splitting wood!

We cooked up about 6 lbs of burgers and some hot dogs on homemade buns of course and Anna made Elijah a 3 layer choc. cake upon request! I had only a tiny bite!!! :) And , this one is for Dave.......we bought a couple of six packs of you know whats......Coke!!!! I had to reward them for all their hard work!!!! It will be ok, Dave!!!! And I have not bought Coke in sooooooooo long!!!!

Blessings to you on the Lord's Day!!!!


Teena said...

How great! I love the pics...

Excited for you.

We are not very good w/ repairs here. You are blessed as you said to have so many great workers!

I read the post below and planned to come back and comment...
I remember the beginning...well, right after... My eyes filled. I journal like that too. It helps/brings to my HEART things. I wrote a lot the last week of my Dad's life on earth. I often read back over it.

Praying for you.

Can't wait to see the upcoming pics.


Katie said...

Cindy ~ Beautiful pictures AND family. You all seem to have a good time working and playing together.

You have really been on my heart these past few weeks...thinking of Joel and Reese and what they are up to in Heaven...

Karen said...

Cindy, what a beautiful picture of your whole family working together!

Have a great week!