Monday, November 9, 2009

our monday.....

Thanks to all that wished us Happy Anniversary! It was a good day! We went out to eat and had a nice time being together but we are quickly eliminating at each anniversary the restaurants "not" to go to again!!!!!!!! Dave and Kate came over and "kept" the children in adventures while we were out!!!! I'll let you know more at the bottom of this post.....don't peek!!!!!!!!!

Today, Kate is here and Dave is on work missions with his job, he'll be back later to join us for our delicious meal we are making. We are creating two yummy recipes, Apple Stuffed Chicken Breasts and Pear Salad with Raspberry Cream . I am making our regular wheat bread but I put about 1/3 cup cocoa in it to make it a brown bread. I am going to shape it in little loaves and serve it softened honey butter in little metal cups. I think I am going to serve some green beans and new potatoes as well!!! Anna is going to make the dessert so we'll have to see what she comes up with. Its fun to do things like this, like a special restaurant type meal, but at home.

The guys are very busy with work which is great for the needs as big family has :) We have healthy bodies, no sicknesses at this time and we are sooooo thankful. Hope everyone of you all are well too. Mercy just brought me a rose and said "it smells like Jesus." She is so precious!

Ok, now for the rest of the Dave and Kate adventures......... check out the picture, like get a close look, she might need to shave her legs, ya think? or Dave might like his wife to be how looooonnnnngggg they look..........and my what big feet you have Kate!!!! Can they possibly be Kate's???????? Look closely......under that cover beside Kate is the man that they belong to.....her hubby!!!! I laughed sooooo ridiculously hard over that!!!!!!!!!!!! So that is the kind of things they do when and even if we are home!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love them so much and its getting close now, see her cute tummy!!!!

Thanks for keeping up with us......I am blessed by YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Teena said...

That is SO funny! I laughed too. Thanks for sharing.

I read your comment on my blog... about you looking back at the beginning and I was there. Well that brought tears. THEN I went to the beginning and started reading posts from then... oh my heart hurt today. I probably spent too long.... I remember it but reading it again... drew me close to YOU... and your family.

I have continued to think about you ALL day. We have been home, cleaning up, school, working with your mini horses.... but you kept coming to mind.

I am praying for you always.

I think that is so neat how you make a great meal. LOTS of cool things... I love to cook too... our kitchen is small but I still need to do special things. I do when all the kids come. I love trying new recipes.

Thanks for always sharing your heart with us.

Hope its ok to say I love you~

Teena said...

Cindy, typing too fast ... making mistakes. I thought about deleting my comment above but I didn't. It is OUR mini horses not YOUR mini horses. (blush)


Janet said...

Hahaha! That is hysterical! What a blessing to have so much laughter with special friends! Sending warm hugs from Johannesburg!