Monday, November 30, 2009

lots of space now !!!!!!!

This is the place where Anna took the picture before the wall was taken out. The wall beside the right beam will eventually be taken out. It holds our sink and keep going on around in an "L" shape and has our cook top and oven. and on to the laundry room and outside garage door.To the left of the left of the rocking chair is our LR.

We are suppose to get our windows in a bout two weeks. The big opening right behind the tables will be a French door and on each side long windows. The opening towards the corner will be the kitchen sink window and the far right window will be over a veg. sink. All the beams you see will stay exposed, they plan to cover them with a rough wood. Its going to be really rustic looking with the wood ceiling too.

If you can picture it , where the table is in the picture, pull it back to the hard wood and that is where it use to be. The area over to the far left will be a library/sitting area. Right now I just moved that shelf in there because the wall is gone that I had it on. Eventually will move our computer desk where it is and on the brick wall we will add some more shelves, leaving the bricks showing. I really like the bricks there and the outside bricks of the chimney is also showing too , they would be beside the beam there on the left.

I have finally got everything mostly cleaned up, still some dust on things, but the concrete creates dust anytime we sweep it. Surprisingly the wood stove is keeping it warm even with the windows are not in. Terry had it 73* in here!!!

I need to go, we might take our family picture today, if I can get it all together.


Charity Burnett said...

WOW!!! That looks great. Can't wait to see it!

Charity Burnett

Danielle said...

WOW!!!!! I can NOT believe it. I've been getting such small little txted pics of the place but seeing it so BIG now really makes it seem real! :) It looks SOOOO great! I can't WAIT to be there to see it in person! :) Looks lovely! :)

Teena said...

Hi, Cindy, so glad to see the pics. I am so excited for you. I wish i had your boys around here... we need some roofing help and I know from the pics that they could do it in a couple hours. :)

We may have to hire someone .... it is Mandi's bay window and it has been leaking for over a year! UGH. We need some major remodeling but know-how and $$$ keep us from doing it.

Sorry to go on and on.... I am so excited to see the progress.

You are amazing to just keep on keeping on.... with all the work and all. How cold does it get at night?

I have been thinking of you a lot lately and I need to make time to sit and email you. :)


Anonymous said...

Oh look at all that room!!

I can't wait to see the new family pictures!!


-stephanie- said...

Very Nice! That's some great breathing room.

Mountain Mama said...

Oh WOW! So much more space. Looks like enough room that we might just "crash" one of your dinners with our crew. :)

The Lockwood Family said...

Oh, it looks wonderful! Lots of leg room! :)
I think we could all fit now if we come visit you on furlough!
love and prayers,

Zimms Zoo said...

It looks so nice! I have found that the heart of our home is the kitchen/dining area as well. The kids are coloring at the table, etc. while I cook. I would love to have that much room! Yeah for you and all that wonderful room!