Tuesday, November 24, 2009

progress #1 report......

******If your reading this at 11:29 am, pray for the guys, they are lifting a beam that weighs I do not how much to a height of 30 feet. *****

They finally cut the work off last night about 8:30. The back of the house is all open and part of the roof torn through. We have plastic hanging up and surprisingly the LR was not terribly cold with the wood stove going in the night. Its about 60* in the LR now. We fed them a "mans breakfast" this morning, eggs, homemade biscuits, bacon, sausage and hot coffee so they are ready to roll! I 'll post some pics later, right now they are putting up support beams, some will be beams that are shown and another will be hidden, so not alot to see as of now. When they get the framing going on the roof, I'll show ya! It is a mess in the house, dust everywhere and the horrible thing for me to look at is all the billions of flies that have now taken over MY house!!!!! Does anyone have any idea what I am going to do to get them to go out????? Once they get the roof on today, they will not have access out! It looks like the barn in the summer, all over the ceiling. We are sure thankful for the tractor that the Lord provided prior to this project. Elijah is scooping up all the debri and loading it on the trailer.

Talk to ya soon......and on "Black Friday," after Thanksgiving, I am going to have a give away, its not huge but fun! More later!!!!!!!!


Teena said...

Coming back often.... to check on all of you.

Praying... it is 12:48 here (eastern time) so if you are an hour behind us.... :)

Excited for you but know you are *crazy* about the flies and dust...


Teena said...

I meant to say "going crazy" about the flies and dust... or I would be.

I love coming here... such a sweet spirit. :))

Anonymous said...

Oh wow! I know how big beams are! We just built my brothers house and he had a HUGE beam across his garage. It took a lot of people to lift it up!