Thursday, November 26, 2009

"Mavie" is here !!!!!!!!!

Dave and Kate have a baby!!!!!! A girl!!!!!!!!!!! "Mavie" arrived last night (Wed.) at 7:11 pm. She weighs a hefty 8 pounds and is 20 inches long. She is sooooo precious, so chunky, so soft, so sweet, so pretty, so healthy..........thank you Lord for your beautiful mercy to this dear couple!!! Now their "adventurous journey" really begins :) Kate is doing well, resting and Dave, well he is bouncin' and smilin' and all that new daddy stuff!!!! All went wonderfully with the birth, the midwife arrived in plenty of time and they had their first home birth with great success and the Lord's blessing of protection and safety for Kate and baby! Of course our family will call her "Mavie," but they have not officially given her a name yet, trying to decide! She is "Mavie"!! Mercy was very interested in holding her! Exciting days ahead to have a new baby around!!!

Congratulations Dave and Kate!!!! We love you and baby "Mavie!!!!"

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~Sister to Seven~ said...

Oh I've been waiting for this news! I'm so happy for you all!!! Family and friends alike:)
Please pass on my CONGRATULATIONS to David & Kate...their little daughter is gorgeous!

Hope the "house work" is going well:)

And your Thanksgiving ... I'm in Canada so ours was over a month ago! I hope you have a blessed weekend!

Praying for you lots,

Anonymous said...

Oh how sweet!!

Sarah G.

Adina, mommy to Elijah, Merry and Micah and DAVID'S SISTER! said...

I knew we'd find pictures here FIRST!!! You all are amazing - thank you from our family to yours for taking the pictures and posting them so quickly! She is beautiful (just like her mommy, of course). God truly is good to all of us!!

The Lockwood Family said...

She is a doll! From that very first pic, before I read she was a girl, I thought, "Oh, she must be a girl...she's so pretty!" Congratulations to your friends! May the Lord grant them daily wisdom, strength, and grace as they bring up this sweet little one for Him. Oh, I love babies!

Teena said...

Oh how wonderful! What a blessing they have in YOU, Cindy!

Thank you for sharing with us.


Leanne said...


I love the picture of her feet!!!

Great news!

-stephanie- said...

How beautiful she is. What a wonderful Thanksgiving blessing. Happy to hear the new little family is doing well. Much congratulations to them.

Chad and Jessica's Family said...

Congrats!!! How sweet and perfectlyl made is she!!!! Oh God is wonderful. A new life is the best news ever. Have fun raising children and have many many of them :) Bless you and your new family..


MP said...

Oh 'Mavie' IS so pretty! What a living doll and beautiful she looks! What an extra blessed Thanksgiving!
Thankyou for sharing and your house is looking amazing!

Laura said...

Lillian is absolutely ADORABLE!! How exciting!! :D

Hannah B. said...

Awwww, Mavie is SO precious!!! Praising the Lord for a safe delivery for Kate. Congratulations to the *proud* parents! :)

Mountain Mama said...

She is so yummy cute! What a precious blessing!

Kiss those chubby cheeks for me XXOXX!