Friday, November 27, 2009

Workin' Guys

The guys are rollin' again today!! They are putting the insulation inside on the roof area! Last night it was bout 50* in the kitchen /LR area. A bit chilly. They are getting the shingles on today as well!!! We are so glad about the space. We have the two 8 foot tables going long ways and it is so neat to sit all together!! I do not know how fast the rest of the progress will go as far a hanging the drywall and they guys want to do a wood ceiling but those two things will be as soon as we have provision. Then as we can we will finish things such as building cabinets and all that will go in there. Just as it took a year to get to this point it could be months/a year before we pick up speed again after this first phase that we did have provision for. I LOVE the space!!!! Mercy can ride her tricycle in there and I brought our double rocking chair and single rocker I had on the front porch and put them in the little library area. We are going to use the space up even though its not finished out on the inside. Maybe tomorrow after they get the insulation up, I'll take a picture from the inside so you can see the wall out and our tables.

Ok, other big news is Dave and Kate named their beautiful baby!! We proudly announce to you Lilian Ruth!!! It matches her so sweetly, but I think I still have to call her "Mavie!!!" I hope Anna and I can get over there soon and do a photo shoot, I have some fun ideas.....don't worry Dave, its free!!!!!!!

And lastly, I forgot we were going to a high school football game tonight, our team made it to the semi- finals, so I will draw the winner at 4 pm this afternoon for the giveaway, sorry about that! So stay tuned!!!!!!


Chad and Jessica's Family said...

I love the brothers holding Mercy!!!! THe one of the older one(Caleb or Daniel???) holding and smiling at her is priceless. How special. Hope you had a great Thanksgiving in your construction site!!! Too bad we weren't close to help with the roof. How fun would the guys have??



Anonymous said...

Oh great pictures! I love them all!!

Teena said...

I love the pics!!

WOW it is amazing to watch the progress!

Beautiful peek into your family!