Friday, November 6, 2009


What a day......busy!!! It started out wonderfully with a visit form our dear friends the "B's." The children played and we visited, just talking and stuff and a bit of 4 wheel riding!!! Its been awhile since they have been to our house and it was soooo good to have them here! It was a spur of the moment invite and they actually came!!!

Next was throwing a quick dinner together, the guys are looking at land on the way home, Elijah is doing tractor work upon his arrival at home, then quick as a flash, Elijah whips the van out of the drive way and zooms away to a fire, Dave and Kate get here for dinner, we eat dinner, then Micah, Caleb, Anna, Bethany, Daniel and the littles all decide to go to a football game and Terry too, They all head out the door and Dave, Kate and I are saying good-by and its just us left here at the house. I said how rude, to invite someone for dinner and most of the host leaves!!!!! The three of us sat and talked a bit after the whirlwind of people going out the door and then they too headed to their little emu farm and now can you believe I am here by myself????? I just heard on Elijah's radio that they are headed back to the station, so he should be here soon. Sounded like a really big brush fire, they were calling in 3-4 different volunteer stations. Thankfully all is put out and people are safe!

Tomorrow a busy day too, Elijah has to get hay, the guys are going to that big auction and Bethany has something up her sleeve.... :) and plus we have to get all the food ready for church and for our own meal Sat. night, so you can see it will be a busy day!!! I have also been looking at the places that Terry and I would like to go out to eat for our 23 anniversary Sunday evening. I am still adding things to the girls room to get it totally done. I just got the curtains yesterday, they are black tab floor length on a black rod, they look really neat with the black beds. I have to get things for the walls, but a little at a time. Then once that room is done, I need to move on to the front bath, it has primer on the walls and on part of the cabinets, not a pretty sight but at least it can be a clean bathroom even though its under construction!!!!

Thought I would say hi to all and hope you have a great weekend......( there is some MAJOR cat fights going on in the garage!!!!!!!!!)

Keep praying for Silas' family as they weep and sorrow for their sweet little boy who now abides in heaven!


Leanne said...

Happy 23rd Anniversary!!

I do hope you get that time to be with hubby for your special day.

Be at peace, friend.

Karen said...

Thank you, Cindy, for continuing to encourage me through this season. I had the opportunity to read some of your older posts and precious Joel's story. My heart aches for your family, but I rejoice in seeing God's hand through it all. It was of great encouragement to me.

As I read some of your posts, I wonder if we know some the same people (not ATI but many friends in our sweet church are/were). If that is true, how neat that would be=)...


Sharon said...

Happy Anniversary to you both. (We celebrated our 23rd in August.)
Just wanted to say thank you for the encouraging posts on your blog and for being transparent in your journey and growth through the trial God has given you and your family. May you continue to lean on Him moment by moment.
-- Sharon

*how do you get your name to look like a signature on the bottom of each post?

Teena said...

Happy Anniversary, Cindy.

Today is 29 yrs for us.

Thank you for your faith and encouragement.

Have a great day!