Tuesday, November 24, 2009

progress report #3........

They have got a lot done today! I am sure they will work a bit longer but here's some more pictures. We'll be under the stars one more night and hopefully tomorrow they will get the decking on and we'll have to cover the windows with something as it will be a couple of weeks til the windows are in. I can hardly wait to get it enclosed and start sweeping the dust away and OUT!!!!!

Here are some facts about our house, to some questions that have been asked It is 18oo square feet, which is not very big for 15 people, 14 now. It has three bedrooms, two baths, a large living area with a vaulted ceiling, a dinning area. The extra space is close to 8oo square feet and it will be ( when totally done) the kitchen, a big and long dining area and a small library/computer area. The new space will all be open. Whenever we take the rest of the back wall out to complete the kitchen area as we have resources, we are going to reconfigure the wash room and pantry area too. We will easily be able to put a 12 foot table (which I hope to get someday) in the dining area. For now we will put our two 8 foot tables together and we can all sit together!!!!! Our house was originally built in the 70's, so as we can we are trying to re-due some things. It has worked well for us even with our big family. All the boys have been in the master bedroom for many years and it hold 3 sets of bunk beds and a single twin and Josiah sleeps on a mattress. Be happy for any more questions!!!! Caleb,Daniel, and Elijah have done all the brain work and configuring all the plans for this addition, I guess Terry is working for them on this job!!!! :)

Thanks for praying for us, the Lord has blessed in safety and good weather. I guess I did not think to pray about flies....LOL!!!!

Lord willin' we'll see ya tomorrow........


The Lockwood Family said...

Oh wow! That's great, Cindy! I'm so happy for you all! I can't wait to see it when it's all done! How proud you must be of your "men" all being able to do such a big job like that!
Our house is about 1700 sq. ft. and I have often wondered if it will feel small once the tiny bodies get their adult bodies. :) Right now, it is just perfect...not to uncomfortably small and not too large to clean/manage :) It felt huge to me after living in the travel trailer which has always made me so grateful for a real house.
We do have bathroom jam ups frequently and Daniel has plans to put in another bathroom either outside or possibly inside the girls room (so they can have a private bath as they get older :) ). And our outside patio is poured with footings and a stem wall so we can enclose it someday as we may need more room.
Well, Abi just walked up to me letting me know the little boys are using a "ton" of shampoo, so I'd better go check that out.

Hannah B. said...

Oh my, that addition looks SOOOO B.I.G.!!! I can't wait to see it in person! How exciting. :) :) :)

Leanne said...

It'll be nice for all of you to be able to spread out a bit more.

Can't wait to see the finished product!

Teena said...

Love the pics! Wow didn't realize you were in only three bedrooms...so how do you do the girls?

So excited for you!


Jessica said...

Ah, yes, the only drawback to these warmer days is the persistence of insects! Once the temperature drops, that will take care of your fly problem! Also, I think they have a pretty brief lifespan, so any that are trapped inside will soon die off.

I'm praying for your patience (sanity!) during this major renovation. It will be so nice once complete.

Happy Thanksgiving!