Friday, September 30, 2011

instafriday #5

Don't you just love Fridays???? I do for many reasons!!! Instafriday, football games, staying up late, NO school, no schedule and  lots of other stuff but I will not bore you with my list!!!

Time for the week in iphone pictures!!!!
 so I joined up with......

                                                       I cut this apple out and thought they would all be fighting
                                                          over it.......but NOT, so I ate it myself!!!!!


      Josiah made these numbers for Mercy!                                                 thrift store treasure!                    

 this is my very dear friend Natali (on the left,)                         made lots of cookies for a missionary
I was trying to see who had the biggest                                       family of 14 who visited us for a day!
"turbo" hair, me or her...... Who wins???



               on our table.....easy!!                                                                on of my fav places on our farm!!

       the weather has been sooo nice, so                                                     our roses are blooming again!
                      lots of bikers!!!


Fall meal......corn muffins and veggie soup!                                  this is "country" taxidermy!!! mounted
                                                                                                                         with a hot glue gun!!

                                                               and Mercy and Charlie say
                                                               "thank you" for stopping by!!!!

Have a wonderful weekend!!!!!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Fall ideas!!

 I love to decorate with real pumpkins!!! If I could afford a truckload, I would get them and splash them around everywhere!!! They are so FUN!! I picked up a few smaller white ones and made a centerpiece on our table(s). I want to get hold of a turquoise cake stand but I just used a clear one I had. I sprinkled the cake stand with coffee beans, put one of the white pumpkins on it, added a few of the real small gord pumpkins and some of the real corn and also a black pillar candle wrapped with rope looking string around the middle of the candle. I ahd tow more white pumpkins so I sat them one on each side of the cake stand which obviously gave some height to the center piece holding all the other stuff!! I scooted some more corn up under the cakestand. It was not hard at all, I like simple and non messy type stuff. Last year I brought in some hay bales and had pumpkins on them inside the house by the french doors......will not do that again!!! ha!!  I saw this page and wow, I love so many of the ideas!!!! Enjoy and let me know if you use one of them!!!!

A busy weekend ahead!! Hometown football game and then a wedding for a very lovely, wonderful couple at our church!!!

 Can you believe it almost October????

 Lockwood visit post below!!!  :)

27 people!!!!

What do you do when 27 people get together???? Four parents and 23 children?? LOTS!!!

The Lockwoods are a family of 14, missionarys in Mexico, and are on furlough through Dec. I met Jaynee, the mom, through this blog. We have been "friends" via the internet since Joel's illness and his entrance to heaven in Jan. 07, and she has faithfully encouraged me in these 4 1/2 years. What fun to meet her yesterday and their family!! We read each others blogs and keep up with each other and we send each other e-mails when we want to do serious girl talk!! I have been blessed with her friendship!!! They continue on their journey today as they set out for Arkansas, then to places like N. Carolina, upstate NY, Michigan, and then back towards California and then in Dec, heading back to Mexico to serve there.


sooooooo, this is what 27 people do.......

play and sing......

try to learn a Spanish song......
but I did not get it!!!!

eat LOTS of food!!!

hamburgers, hotdogs, pumpkin cake,
sugar cookies, muffins and 30 scrambles eggs!!!

and then we give them the best beds in the house.....
you know I am just kidding!!!! I think everyone had a good nights rest,
wherever they slept!!!!

Good times with people that love the Lord!! If you have a prayer list, add the Lockwood family to it!! Pray for travels, for safety, for provision, health, strength, for Daniel the father as he preaches the Word and for Jaynee energy as she organizes and keeps up with shoes and socks!!! ha! She is a super organized gal and does a great job with the running of this trip smoothly!!

 I am thankful to finally meet them!!! I love you Jaynee and your family!!!!  and Daniel, you forgot about
that workout with the guys!!! haha!!!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

plans and changes!

Plans sometime change dont they?? Its good to know the One behind the plans or the "Plan Changer!!" At least today I dont have much to do as far a preparing for the Lockwood family (of 14) that had plans to arrive at our house today but "plans changed" and the Lord knew they needed rest so they are getting to the Oklahoma area today and will arrive at our house tomorrow!! I cant wait to meet Jaynee! We have known each other via her blog and our blog, so this will be the first time to really meet their family!! A family of faith in innumerable ways, with their children, provision, giving of their lives to the missionary work in  Mexico, with their health as both Jaynee and Daniel have faced life threatening situations while being in Mexico. So I feel honored to meet heroes of faith! And what a houseful of blessings/children we will be able to behold with their 12 and 11 of ours here. (minus Caleb in MD and Joel in heaven) So today I can kinda relax and be happy I have the Pumpkin sheet cake and lotsa sugar cookies in the refrigerator ready to be gobbled up!! I figured I would cook them our traditional grilled burgers that we have sooooo often and I will throw lotsa hotdoggies on there too!!  Oops, hope she doesnt read this, then it wont be a surprise!! ha!

I thought i would splash a few pics of the "in love" people on here! Caleb and Kristen are doing great!! He is still doing odds and end type jobs and awaiting to see if he can get hired on at this one construction company for a more permanent job. On October 29th, it will exactly one year since they met here at our house when she came from MD to take pictures of our family!! WOW!! Look what has happened in a years time!! :) They just had their "5 month" day of Caleb asking her to be his girl!!!! So sweet!! Look forward to whats ahead!


looks like they do lots of fun things, huh???

(they went to some sort of Go Cart Inside Raceway, I think he said the cars went 40mph)

Bethany is getting all ready for the Tulsa State Fair the end of this week. She did a good job at the OKC Fair so Lord willing she will have good success this time too!!

I have to say school is going alot better than previous years. The new curriculum is working well, although it is a challenge to what they have been use to, but I feel like much more is being accomplished in a days time!  Now I just want to be consistent without interruptions. I still try to convince them they still have it made!!  haha!

If you think about it, pray for our family as Terry seeks direction for what God wants our family to do in the area of work. Terry's vision has been to work with his sons and God has fulfilled this over and beyond with the construction business, but as they are older now and seeking what God would have them to do, different interests, pursuits they feel God might lead them to do, and of course Caleb not being here, we are praying about the future. I mean, Terry didnt ever expect they would work with him forever, but could if they wanted to. So I do not know what the Lord will do and changes might not happen until many months yet, but its just on the burner as we pray and seek direction. We have been so blessed with all God has done and what HE has provided in the last almost 5 years! It has certainly been a season of "plenty" and thats all to the glory of God! I know Terry and the guys have met so many people as well and by HIs grace have sought to be a light as opportunity gave so I know that is all in the basket of thankfulness as well! It will be exciting to see what God does in the future!

Well, got some Roy Rogers going on here, so better go and finish the day!!

Monday, September 26, 2011

a home tour!

This weekend I enjoyed a "home tour!"  The hostess was Mercy Morris! What a tidy little place on the inside thanks to Mercy and Hosanna, and the outside has lovely landscaping by Joshua Morris.
Its a two story home!!!

a picture with the wonderful hostess, Mercy

Pendant lighting.......she got hers before I got mine for my kitchen!!!

she was a ready for  hosting the event, sweet little hair-do and "clip" earrings!!

she had a little more cleaning to do as I arrived but it didnt take long before I began my tour!!

  Had to get some new OSU attire for the year!!! They won this weekend !!! Yea!!!!

What are you going to do this week??

Friday, September 23, 2011

instafriday #4

Its InstaFriday!!!!! Pictures of the week taken with my iphone and I have lots of fun editing them on my phone too, (addicting!!!) As you will see in the pictures, we have had a super busy week!! From Football, to the OKC State Fair and alot of stuff in between!

life rearranged

football, pink balloon release, fight cancer!                              Terry and Mercy let a balloon go in memory
                                                                                                        of Joel!!

Jeremiah made some cookies!

                                                                                                                              Bethany made LOTS of rolls!

some farm work done, prep for next year!                          
   some spinach in the ground for now!                                         what do you see in this pic?? look far to the
                                                                                                          left and far to the right!! little girl and a dad

                                                                                   bought me a
               "cowgirl belt" and
                   we had to get some
                 more Roy Rogers!                                   

Now to the OKC State Fair!

Bethany showed her Nubians at the Dairy show                             This is Hosanna ( fourth from the left)
some Firsts, Seconds, and Thirds!                                                    she showed in a Showmanship class    

                    2nd place!                                                                                   Mercy holding the goat up
                                                                                                                         or goat holding Mercy up?

Now for the fun part!!!       

              Josiah and I on the slide!!!                          
                                                                                                                                  Fair Food!

           lotsa fun with friends..............                                                            .......and with my daddy!!

       when i get tired, people carry me!!                                           ......and then I finally fall asleep!!!!

           i would not give my mom a good                              
                                smile!!!                                                                     well, pardner, thats it !!!

                                                                                                                  may the Lord bless you and                                                                                                                    keep you and  make his face
                                                                                                                    to shine upon you!!!                 

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

OKC State Fair!

Bethany had a pretty good show yesterday, several 2nds!! Today is better, she's getting the "firsts" today!!! Her and Hosie are there today!! I think many wished they were there too......instead of school work!!

Hope your having a good day!!!!

Monday, September 19, 2011

pancakes and passports!!!

Sunday nights after church, our norm is to go to Pizza Hut with our good friends Natatli, Paul and their children! Many times others join us too! On rare occasions when we dont have everyone with us we go to ihop but its pretty expensive!! Last night we didnt go to ihop or Pizza hut, and we only had the younger ones with us sooooooo we went to ihome and made the best Buttermilk pancakes, bacon and eggs and coffee!!! The children went on and  on of how it was sooooo good, even better than ihop!!! I doubt we will get out of going to ihop for the future but this was a lot of fun and it was very tasty!!! Something about breakfast for dinner just makes it taste better!! What do you do on Sunday nights, any traditions??

Well this week is going to be a whirlwind for sure. Gettting school work in, the OKC State Fair is underway and that means for Bethany super busy with the Dairy Goat shows there. Its a fun time for our whole family going, wandering around, eating fair food, watching Bethany show her goats, We have been going for many years and its just something we do! Its also grocery week, so I have to get a menu ready. We have another bd coming up.....Anna!!! The last "teen" year for her! Oh and remember for anyone over 16 just gets a meal and dessert of their choosing, so that will be easy.

I am thankful that God never changes. I dont think I have ever experienced more "changes" in our life than this past year, from last Sept to this Sept. Having older children has brought us to meet many people, and has carried us to many places. New friendships have been made, relationships have begun, some were begun and ended with much prayer and direction of the Lord, some are seeking direction as to "what and where" the Lord would have them go and do. Its so easy to have "younger" children, they stay contained....haha! But I know its what we have been doing these almost 25 years. Preparing them, admonishing them, seeking to equip them to go out into the world and "live for Jesus!!!" I dont know what the Lord will do in the near future but some could be around the other side of the world by the end of the year or first of the year. I am thankful that I can, no matter where they are, what they are doing, bow before the Lord in my room, way out here in the country of Coyle USA and the never changing God hears a mothers prayer! He loves them more than I ever GO in Jesus name and love the Lord your God with all your heart, your soul, your strength, your might for His kingdom and His glory!!!


Hope you all have  a wonderful week!!!! Hey, we are getting some 80's, real Fall now!!!