Tuesday, September 13, 2011

the day Joel and Josiah were born!!!

Happy Birthday
Joel and  Josiah!!!!!

Josiah is eight today!!!!!
what a blessing he is !!
Josiah loves playing outside.
he is always telling
me he can help or
do something for me!!

he really likes helping
Terry with any jobs
big or small
and recently just "earned"
some cash!!

I am so thankful to the
Lord for
the mercies He
has shown me through Josiah's life
being here to help my heart!!

I would think that if Joel
were here, I could say
the same about him......
Happy Birthday
I miss you and love you
Sept.13, 2003-Jan.23, 2007


Emma and Mommy said...

Happy Birthday Josiah! Wow when did he get so big!? Remembering Joel today, and wishing Josiah a blessing filled birthday.

Karol said...

Ahhh, a bittersweet day. Celebrating life. One that flourishes and grows before your very eyes, another that lives and waits for you in heaven. Blessings to you all.

Janet said...

Wishing Josiah a very happy Birthday, and sending warm hugs to you today as you remember the life of your precious Joel xx

Chad and Jessica's Family: said...

Happy B-day Boys!!!

Josiah looks like your older twins and what a blondie!!! I hope your heart can find joy today, remembering Joel and all the blessings his life brought you.


Teena said...

I was gone all day yesterday but I thought of you!

Love you much!

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday, Josiah and Joel! =)

JOHN said...

Happy Birthday Josiah ! What bittersweet memories I know you must have of this day....thinking of you all :)
I have a random question for ya .....did Danielle have a boy or girl ? Somehow I missed finding out.
Take care,

Daniel and Jaynee Lockwood and Family said...

I always think of you in September. Happy Birthday, Joel and Josiah! Thinking of how the Lord is using and will continue to use you both for His glory!
Love you, Cindy! Hope to see you SOON :)

Rachel said...

Josiah is a beautiful boy. I am sure Joel is, too! I think you are the coolest mom, ever! It looks like you have perfected birthdays... I guess you get alot of practice on that one! :) Thanks for writing me still. It means a ton! Rachel