Thursday, September 1, 2011

september one.....

September 1......its here!!! It brings lots of memories!! The first thought is almost 8 years ago, I was great with children in the womb!! In 12 days two little guys were going to join our family!! Joel and Josiah!! That was one major birth, but divinely orchestrated!! I will always be in awe of what the Lord did in hat pregnancy and birth! Next thought, of course Fall is just around the corner with cooler temps I hope for the sake of all who live in this house! haha!! I got out my "little bit" of Fall things and set them out!! The white pumpkins are my new addition this year for our new kitchen area. We were not in the kitchen last Fall, so I am enjoying the decorating of it as the holiday-ish seasons approach!! It will be interesting to see if I can get that 12 foot tree in there this year! 

Lots of different directions are planned for the weekend! I guess the last "blowout" before school begins for us!! Hopefully I will be ignited with excitement before Tuesday!! LOL!!

Josiah and I are still trying to figure out some bd ideas!! I think my bd brain has left me! Oh yea, Micah had a bd on Tuesday, he is now 17!! Had a fun family over to celebrate and enjoy a "sundae bar." 

Obviously, one of the hardest things of a parent is to see or know their child's heart hurts. Its easy to scoop or carry a little person up in your arms and give comfort and soothe their needs but when they are adults, they really dont get in your lap a parent then has to "carry" them to the Lord. Praying for your children never grows wearisome to me. There are things beyond my comforts, control, my help, that only God can do. I am so thankful that He hears, He sends His Holy Spirit to their individual needs. I hope they will always know that God will be Faithful to them in every joy and trial!!

Hope you all have a great Labor Day weekend!! Check back tomorrow for the Instafriday!!!


Teena said...

Always thinking of you... remembering Joel. Can't wait to see what Josiah decides for his birthday.

I love your pumpkins!

we sat on the porch this morning and did math. Still pretty hot here but I felt a fallish breeze. Not sure I am ready...

Much love,

Jen said...

Ohh! I love that blue pumpkin! Is that from Hobby Lobby???

The Morris Family said...

Yes, Jen....i got the blue pumpkin from Hobby Lobby!!!

likeschocolate said...

What a beautiful family you have! Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. Hope you had a fantastic labor day weekend.