Sunday, August 28, 2011

photo apps are fun!!

Well, I have to admit, the iphone has some really fun photo editing applications!! Which ones do you like best?? I like PS Express, Instagram and Luminance! These pics were taken with Anna's camera then I synced them on my phone and "played" around!!  I wonder if I can make Terry's hair darker???? Just kidding!!! I like his salt/pepper look, he is so distinguished looking!! But I will be looking for someway to change mine when I get the "gray" look!!! Somehow women dont handle it as well, or maybe its just me! haha!! Maybe I am a bit unusual with the editing.......

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 P.S. birthday party post below this one!!


Brittney said...

Great pictures! I like the last one the best :-)

JOHN said...

You two look so young....never would I guess you had so many children !! I like the first one best :)