Tuesday, August 23, 2011


meet "Russell" 

The first text read "Man I am so tempted to buy a puppy for sale here." The 2nd text read, "an Australian shepherd," and then the 3rd text read, "I bought him!!" Bethany has NO resistence when she sees a puppy for sale!! But she is just an authentic farm gal, so what can I say!! Yes she tried to butter up her dad as he came through the door and he wagged his head a few times and then that was it!! Sooooo we have another doggie!! Should I say we now have 6?! Oh, whats a puppy in eternity?? Memories made to look back on and tell her children what she did when she was a gal on the farm!!

I will probably say this a million times but its literally the only words I can say I am living right now........so busy!! And the last few days of August and the month of Sept. doesnt look like its going to slow down. Birthdays, a Texas Ranger game, a missionary family from Mexico visiting us, camping trips, goat judging, goat shows, Kentucky trips, and maybe throw in a OSU game, more birthdays, and thats beside school we are fixing to start up after Labor day!! This year we are going to start using the ACE curriculum. I am excited to hopefully do some much needed catching up academically. To be quite honest, I ahve struggled with school ever since Joel went to live in heaven. I have just felt so scattered and without purpose in the schooling area. So Lord willing this year, I am praying it will be beneficial and we will go forward with a fresh start so to speak!!

Hope you all are having a great week!! Tomorrow/ in the morning is going to be a "smurfin" good day!! Will tell you more about that later!! haha!! 


Teena said...

smurfin huh? lol

we are catching you with the puppies! We will soon have 3 dogs! Haven't told dh because he doesn't oome home til the 30th.

Can't wait to see all the fun stuff you post!


Jessica said...

Russell is a cutie! I wonder if he'll try herding the goats :)

How is Charlie??

Lesli Westfall said...

This post is 'killing' me. Your pup, I LOVE...we HAD one just like it, "Clyde", we lost him about a month ago. He was 16 years old. Our BFF and buddy. He looks more like a Border Collie to me than an Australian Shepherd.

Larry and I were just talking about ya'll last night. Saying we need to sell all our stuff and move in to the farmland next to ya, get into the country life.

I pray you and your 'littles' and 'bigs' are doing well. Much love and blessings, Lesli