Monday, August 1, 2011


canisters, this cute little bird, pillows and I love this
book, The Art of Turquoise sitting on the turquoise recipe holder.........

some more vases and the place mat layed in a tray....

Probably confusing ya aren't I??? Saying I was not going to post as often and now posting, oh well, I was encouraged with your comments, thank you for caring!

Turquoise!!!! I L.O.V.E. this color!! I have been "splashing" it around everywhere!!! I might even paint a door this color!! It is definitely a color that I hope is in heaven, its so peaceful! I have found a new store I like to go to, besides the two regular stops I make at Lorec Ranch and Sante Fe, the new one is the gift store for the Cowboy Hall of Fame in OKC. Someone told me of the western decor they have and they really should not have!! If I ever get the chance to go across the border, I better have a trailer to "load" all the stuff I will want to bring back! I have not gotten any jewelry yet, would love to but it is very expensive!

Bethany and Micah made it safely to Illinois. Bethany is waiting for Danielle to give birth! She has contractions, then they stop!! I gave her some helpful hints but really "there is a time to be born!"

Elijah is healing up fine. He is still off work for another few weeks which is making it very hard for him, he likes to work!! I think he has a better perspective of dangerous adventures now! :)

I talked to Caleb in MD yesterday. A good talk with my son whom I miss very much! He is doing great! Still working for Kristens dad, but that will not last forever so he is def looking for something more permanent. I will have to say, he and Kristen are def in LOVE!!!" So excited for them and what God has in store for them!!

Daniel and Rebekah are doing great too!! I think Daniel is wishing next Thursday would never come!! The day she leaves for Kentucky! I know it will be difficult time for them being apart but I know God will prepare and teach them many things!

Guess that is a pretty good update on the older ones. The younger ones are going and blowing too!! Some are really into the golf. Our pasture has turned into a very crunchy golf course! Still no signif rain. And this week its suppose to hit 110 an d 112 degrees! This is crazy for sure!

Do you remember the Lockwood family, missionaries who live in Mexico? They have just began their furlough until late Dec. So if you think of it, pray for them as they travel all over the US, and Daniel shares, preaches with churches. We will get to finally meet them as they will be passing through late Sept for a visit at our house!

Tonight is vb, so I gotta get my dinner underway, something quick and not intense to fix. I made 4 new recipes this past week. I wanna give you the recipes soon. AND I just go my new iphone in the mail sooooooo I need to go figure it out!! I really need Bethany here!

P.S. oh, guess what else I have been up to this last week and today???? taking care of 7 cats, 4 goats, and 5 dogs.................but they are NOT at our house!!! I drive about 5 miles twice a day and do chores!! It was really suppose to be Bethany's job but she ended up going to Illinois, so I had to pinch hit for her. Its all been fine and I am blessed to receive some extra spending money!! haha!!!


Chad and Jessica's Family: said...


I had to comment to let you know I am so happy you are blogging on just your every day stuff!!!! Happy for your family and oh how wonderful to meet the Lockwoods. THey were gonna stop here too but then they couldn't get a contact or something in ID. Have fun!!!!

Good Goats said...

thank you for blogging Cindy :)!!

The Ahlgren Family said...

Turquoise is a beautiful color! Reminds me of the ocean!
How fun that you get to meet the Lockwoods! Something about her reminds me of David's mom (what little I have to compare!). I guess because she's tall, slim, and has long dark hair... and loves children and seems to have a sweet and serving spirit. :D Can't wait to hear when Dannie has the baby! Sooooo excited for her and Aaron, and for Bethany getting to be there!
Stay cool!

Daniel and Jaynee Lockwood and Family said...

I just saw this post! :) I was just going to email you, too, as I have some time, so I decided to catch up on your blog first.
Yea!!!!! For seeing the Morris Family!!!!! :) :) :) :)
Jessica, I am still hoping we'll make it up to the past week, two other people contacted us about going up there, so you never know.
Kate, you are so sweet :) I am tall. Slim...hmmmm....not as much as I use to be. As I over heard the boys saying one day as they were studying their health lesson and had a height/weight chart..."Mommy's not fat but she's DEFINITELY not skinny." I think that was a compliment??? :)