Tuesday, August 2, 2011

things we eat!!

I have no idea why I was inspired to look in the cookbooks for this two week grocery shopping, but I did!! I have not made these before but they sounded good and very easy. I am kinda in a crux because we hardly all eat together anymore and I thought I might as well try to bless the people that are here with something tasty instead of the same ole' thing we always eat! If I am making a new recipe I like to make it as it says and not alter ingredients......like some people in our house can not stand mayo and sour creme, but sometimes you can not even taste them if its all complied in the dish. Check them out and click onto the links!!!

Baked Southwest Sandwiches

Sausage Sandwich Squares

Cilantro Chicken

Slow Cooked Pepper Steak

Creamy Frozen Mocha Dessert

I still have several I plan to try but these we all tasted and approved by the Morris crew! So that is what we have been eating lately!! Hope you try some and let me know if your family liked them!

I hate to complain about the heat when I am a "heat lover" but this is getting a little outta control!! The temps this week are suppose to be 110-114 around here! At least our tropical plants and cactus are enjoying the house temps. Like Terry said at least we know there will eventually be a break because we are promised summer, winter, springtime and harvest, so Fall will surely bring some cooler stuff!!

I have about figured my new iPhone out!!! I LOVE it!!! Thank the Lord for brilliant minds who create such technologies!! But I think I am in for it with all the apps that little people and (big) people are going to be wanting to use!! :) Oh well, glad they can have fun too!!

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The Ahlgren Family said...

Sounds like tasty recipes! Funny I'd see this today, the day when dinner somehow just didn't happen! I'm not quite sure how that worked out... :D
I agree, summer is nice, but fall will be a welcome relief from the heat!