Saturday, August 27, 2011

daniel's 24th bd party here!!! and Caleb's 24th bd in MD!!

Daniel's bd Party!!!!

( ......and Caleb's day in MD!!)

Have you ever tried to give a "surprise" bd party????
Well, I think this was my first one.....
and I really pulled it off!!!
 this guy had absolutely
 it was soooooo great!!!!

I had made arrangements at this
 baseball museum in Guthrie for the
 three reasons......
 #1 easier to get people there
 #2 NO flies
 #3 and due to "weather" conditions in our HEAT!!! haha!!

 so, I had prepared and had all the food up there,
 and got balloons, (whoop)
 so we ate there and then I twisted
 my friend Natali's arm to be the 
 hostess of the mostess
 by letting us do the "chocolate dessert"
 table at her house!!!
 ......and she did it!!!!

sooooooo thats where we went after for delectable choc-o-late 

P.S. Anna made the Cheesecake,
  we forgot the "real" camera!!

Kristen made his day very special!!!

 I sent them some "new" OSU stuff......
 doesn' t need to forget
 where he came from!!

looks like a happy bd to me!!!!



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