Friday, August 5, 2011

something new!

Something new..... I am going to make my first blog post using my iPhone!! Yea me!! Its not as fast because I'm not a great typer any way, but we will see how it goes!! The word correction seems like it is working well with all my mistakes but the funny thing is, sometimes it inserts words that I do not even want!! Which could lead to a vey interesting blog!!

Seems like everyday holds new things besides iPhone usage for a blog. I guess the biggest thing I am facing in life now is adjustment to "older" children not really under my wing anymore. I'm so thankful for the men and women they have become. I know they love Jesus, they look to him for each days direction. I know they have a solid foundation of truth from their dad, soooo why do I have any sadness?!? And its not a sadness because of them or at them, its just a sadness at time I guess, they grow up!!! I just miss the way things use to be. I can't stop time, or clip their wings, or wish for selfish purposes, all I can do is treasure the days gone by, enjoy the days to come. I think as I get older I understand many things my own mom said which at the time of youthfulness and young marriedhood I many times just let her words to me go in one ear and out the other! Isn't there a saying "you'll find our one day for yourself." I'm finding it out! There is no turning the clocks back, no rewind, no reverse, it just seems like all there is, is fast forward!! I suppose I'm just mumbling out loud, and I'm on board with all of them, their plans, dreams, futures but the hard part is, a parent is not really in their plans,dreams, future any more, I don't wanna sound all sad about it but it's an adjustment and sort of getting my mind to re-start to this new era. Oh, who knows if this makes sense, let's just say its different! We will make it! I have many that have trod this road before me and they are all loving life, loving how God makes a family bigger by adding wonderful daughter-in -laws and sons-in-laws (and I have fantastic possibilities) and all live happily ever after!! That's all that matters anyway!!

Not alot planned for the weekend! I have purposely not invited folks over, most can not handle the warm temps in the house. But I guess it doesn't bother the young people/adults because someone is always hanging out over here!! But my good friend Natalie and her fam is coming over for burgers tomorrow night, we'll see how "older" people handle it!! I better let you know they are younger than us so she won't be all over that statement! And hopefully Bethany and Micah will be back Sunday I hope!!!!! Daniel is in Kentucky helping Rebekah get moved into school!

Hey I have done it..... Made a post with my iPhone!! I don't think I will use the method often but hey I know it will work if needed!!

Have a great weekend!!!!!


-stephanie- said...

I understand the sadness of growing up. I was just shopping with my 9 year old and our taste in clothes for her is so different. I was asking her what happened to the day when I could dress her in all the cute little things and she had no say in it. She doesn't get the final say yet, but she does have some input. So, yea, I get your sadness.

Congrats on conquering the iPhone.

The Cole Family said...

I understand the growing up thing too. I am so thankful for each day I have with my kids because I know one day we won't all be going to Sam's shopping together....or just hanging out swimming....or playing a game....or staying up watching a movie. I will be so happy for them when they all get married, but I will miss our days together. I guess it is bittersweet.

I find myself thinking about my mom so much lately and missing the days I had with her when she was just with us at our house everyday sharing life with us. It seemed like it would just last forever....I couldn't imagine a day when she wouldn't be with us. I know we aren't supposed to look back and wish for the past to return, but it is hard not to sometimes. I just want to re live some moments so badly, you know?