Thursday, October 28, 2010


Will the real Buzz Light Year please step forward!!!

Enter a comment with any 2 sayings of
Buzz Light Year
and you could WIN!!!

we will put all the comments in a hat
and draw a winner
a Gift!!

Winner announced
Monday, November 1st
at 12: noon (if our computer will work,or I will announce asap)

Jeremiah is the proud/grateful owner of the "real" Buzz, bought with his own money!!! It was decided that he needed one that talked and had a can't live without one!! Its funny to hear them gather up all the characters and "act' out. Children.......a wonder and joy to watch!!

Waiting for Terry to get here. He has an eye appointment for new glasses. His are splattered with concrete, so he thought it was time for some new ones!! I use to wear contacts, but its just easier for me with glasses. Then we are going out to eat! I am hungry since I missed lunch and breakfast! :)

Have a great evening!!!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

a faithful saying....

***I found this quote today and it so describes me, it might describe you too.....I wanted to share it........

"A smiling face doesn't mean the journey is over, or easy. It simply shows God gave grace for today."

This computer issue seems hopeless, we are at their mercy to wait! Its hard to sit and type and then to publish or try and then it fails!! But here goes anyways!!

Crispy mornings, big sweatshirts, (I don't know whose I have on) coffee, scripture is cause for a good morning!!! I have got to convert to something other than flip-flops! Like something enclosed for the feet are freezing! After lunch it is usually so nice outside, I find myself sitting in the HOT sun, but mornings are a little cooler than I like :)

I am so blessed when I read scripture and it just leaps off the page and then I share it with you but I am also blessed when I read or borrow from others that have rich insights to meditate upon. I love Spurgeon, (my husband trained me well) He is a man that was and still is speaking in the power of God through his writings now!!! I read in the Morning and Evening devotional today and I was blessed, so I wanted to share it with you. The scripture was...... It is a faithful saying, II Tim 2:11. Paul gave four faithful sayings:

1) This is a faithful saying, and worthy of all acceptance, that Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners.

2) Godliness is profitable unto all things, having the promise of the life that now is, and of that which is to come. This is a faithful saying and worthy of all acceptance.

3) It is a faithful saying - If we suffer with him we shall also reign with Him.

4) This is a faithful saying, that they which have believed in God might be careful to maintain good works.

I like the way Paul spoke of these "faithful sayings." He said the first one lays the foundation of our eternal salvation in the free grace of God, as shown to us in the great Redeemer. The 2nd one affirms the double blessedness which we obtain through this salvation, the blessings of the upper and nether springs, of time and of eternity. The 3rd, shows the duties to which chosen people are called; we are ordained to suffer. The last one, sets forth the active form of Christian service, bidding us diligently to maintain good works. Spurgeon said, "let these four faithful sayings be written on the four corners of my house." Ours too!!! I was encouraged and this is good meat to meditate upon and of course through the Spirits work, apply into our hearts and homes! May it be a blessing to you today! God's word is so rich, whether its just us and the Holy Spirit or whether its us and Spurgeon, its good!!!!

Well, today is Wednesday and that means people are suppose to clean house! Some already have done their Wed. chores. Some are in the process,and some need to DO them!! The girls and a few others are heading over to clean the Ada house and take the guys dinner, soooooo once again me and the littles will figure out something neat to do! Thursday, Terry has an eye appointment and then we are going out to dinner with another couple, Friday I think somethings are happening at our church that the girls are participating in, Saturday a young lady is taking our family pictures, she is a professional photographer, so it will be nice NOT to have Anna run back and forth taking our family pictures, and we can all enjoy the photo shoot....hopefully!!!

Can't believe its almost November! I am ready to decorate for Christmas!!! but I will hold off a bit longer:)

Enjoy your day!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

toe update!!!

Josiah went to visit the bone specialist this morning and we got a good report!! The small piece of bone is small enough that all will be well with it remaining in there, so no more procedures, just a long time of healing and when ever he would feel comfortable putting a shoe on he can. He will likely choose to wait awhile for a shoe! :) Thankful !!

I have tried to post this 4 I will push the button one more time before I do something unkind to this computer!!! :)

Thank you for your concerns and prayers for Siah!!! He is very brave!!

Micah's deer pictures are at the bottom of the previous post.

Monday, October 25, 2010

catching up......

this is what happens when a mom takes a child to the ER.......craziness!!!!

thumbs and peace!!!!

okay........back to sweet faces!!!!

this is Lucas........

this is Lucas on floor..........
this is Lucas on piano.......

dude on bike!!!!!

This is the 3rd post I have tried to write and because of the internet has not worked!!! So I am typing fast to hope that the connection stays til I am done!!!! Alot to report/share with ya!!

First, Josiah is doing well, in good spirits and learning to hobble around. His toe is not quite as oozie, but it still looks terrible. I could show pictures, but some might think thats going toooo far :) We will see the bone Dr. tomorrow to find out what he thinks about the little piece of bone that remains inside. I am hoping it will be no big deal to leave it in therefore no more procedures. It will be a long time before it gets back to normal and before he can wear a boot or shoe. Once again thank you for praying for him, it meant so much to me the night it happened receiving fb notes, txts and concerns for him. It was not easy dealing with it while Terry was in Ada, but Bethany was with me at the ER, and she does well with hurt situations.

Ok, next.....big news this morning....Micah (16) killed a doe!!! Good job and good eatin' for us!!! Now he's just gotta get me that big buck so I can hang it on our huge wall in our new space area!

We have had a bit of sore throat stuff going on, I had it for 3 days and it was misery! Terry got t Saturday night and he was in terrible shape all day Sunday. He stayed back here from Ada and hopes to travel to the job this afternoon. We have two crews going, Terry, Daniel, and Billy and all the area workers are at Ada. Caleb, Elijah and another worker/friend are in Okmulgee Ok. Work is such a blessing and more jobs are awaiting!

This morning, the cabinet fellow came to finalize details for the first phase of cabinets! I am very excited! Maybe in two week we will have them in! We have it divided in 3 phases so it will still be awhile til completion. If the Lord is willing, maybe by summer the cabinets will be all done!

Many have sent warm thoughts to me for this time of year. My mind is so there... Fall 06. I can almost recount each day of what Joel was doing as far as his health and how he was feeling. When I go outside, tears come easy. Smells, crunchy leaves, overcast days take me there. Grace, grace, God's grace......its how I do it!!!

Yesterday was the first Sunday in a long time we actually all stayed home and did stuff here. Played some vb, some rode 4 wheelers, Elijah bought a dirt bike, soooooo I got to see him till up the ground and grass as he showed me "how" he could ride it!! LOL! We enjoyed the day and topped it off with a dessert from Anna and a movie.

This week looks slow.....can that be????

When Anna gets back, if I can put up pictures of the last few days, I will but it might not happen. The provider to our internet is working on the situation but still could be a few days.

Misti C......getting your gift in the mail today!!!!

Happy Monday!!!!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

the winner and the toe!!

Our computer is down, sooooo I am at the good ole" library!!!!!! I wanted to go ahead and give the winner for the game on the previous post! I have no idea when it will get fixed and its not easy getting up to the library!! So with out further ado the winner is........

Misti C

and here is her 4 examples!!!

so Misti email me your address and I will
get your gift in the mail!!!
depending on our computer issues
it might be next week before I can read e-mails!!!

1) Pools but no water
2) Trees but no leaves
3) Doors but no windows
4) Roofs but no ceilings

Some of you figured it out and some had a few words right. For teh first word you have to have a word that has two letters alike! See Misti's, she used pools, trees, doors and roofs!!!

Thanks for playing!!!!

Now for......our little accident that happened last night!! Josiah has an injury!! He is doing fine now and I am fine now but last night I was not doing fine! We have the 2 8 foot tables that have the 2 long benches, well one of them fell over and crushed his big toe!!! The reason it is so mangled up is because our concrete floor did not give it any cushion. Of course we headed to the ER here in town. We waited in the waiting room for at least an hour and a half and tehn in teh back for that long as well, so 3 hours was plenty!! They took x-rays and a piece of bone chipped off the end and its still inside, it was a very bloody mess! The toenail is only partly fastened. They cleaned it, gave 3 stitches and the numb shot of 3 pokes was the worst!! They did go ahead and give him a shot of antibiotic, just do not want any infection or bone infection! He was very brave, just like his brother Joel. It was not easy for my heart......I still have flashes before my eyes when a child gets hurt or has physical needs or injuries. God was so Faithful to help as Terry was outta town, Bethany went with me and helped. He is happy today and laying on the couch and lotsa movies to watch!!! They did recommend us seeing a bone specialist on Tues to make sure the chipped bone will not affect anything. Pray for no infection and quick healing!! So many prayed for him and txtd me while we were in the ER, thank you for your support!! He is Lord willing going to be fine, I just can hardly stand hospitals, ER and injuries!!!

Like I said, I don't know when I will get back here, but thanks ahead for your prayers!!!

Have a great weekend!!! (if I don;t talk to ya before then)

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

new friends !!!!!


two firstborn gals. Bethany and Elizabeth.....who do you think went first????


Daniel on the piano, then Elizabeth,Naomi, Anna and Rebekkah

the Lindsey family doing a science demonstration

Mr Lindsey working on Jeremiah

Elizabeth meeting our elephant!!!

Elizabeth after meeting our elephant!!

Rebekkah and baby Olivia and Mrs. Lindsey

drawing "Masterpieces!!"
( a Lindsey game)

When we traveled to Illinois back in August, it has exploded into a huge eruption of "new friends!!" We met the Shullers and the Hingles up there who said we "had" to meet the Lindsey family!! Surprisingly or its not surprisingly to the Lord but God arranged it for us to meet them!! Their family plays and sings bluegrass music and they were coming to our area soooooooooooooooooo, we got to meet them!!!! We convinced them to come to our house! We wanted to hold them hostage but they had to sing Monday, Tuesday night before they head back to Kentucky! Our family has been blessed by getting to know them as much as we could in 2 days! We hope its not too long before we can get together again!

Now for some details........ Since we did not get home until 3 am Sunday morning from their concert and then they followed us back to our house, we did not make it to church Sunday morning but we had a time where we fellow shipped around the Word and with songs! A special time! Now our families got a long real see they like to play "jokes and do things" to folks like we do!! So their family huddled together to figure out what to do to us and we huddled to figure out what to do to them! We had to get plenty of volley-ball in first along with lotsa coffee, food and dessert. Should I tell all the "things" we did to each other??? Well, lets just say we introduced them to our trained elephant who is very friendly and can do tricks! They did this airplane thing where two guys hold a wide board prepared to lift it up off the floor about 6-9 inches, a person blindfolded is assisted as he/she backs on to the board, as the two guys are lifting the board the person in front of the one standing on the board is holding their hands but they are bending down so it appears the person on the board is really getting lifted up really high. The one holding their hands tells them to jump off the board. The person on the board 'thinks" (but they are only bout 6 inches off the ground) they are up soooo high so when they
jump, they look hilarious!!! Jeremiah, Caleb, Bethany gave us the biggest laugh jumping off!! We sure had a good time! Lotsa laughs!

What happens when you put two firstborn girls together?????? "Adventure!!" Bethany and Elizabeth were trying to find things to get into! One thing they got into was the pond, or rather "river" as Elizabeth described it, but it was not without a "push and pull" trying to get the other one in first!! After that, a group headed to surrounding pastures to sneek around! Big stories were told of leaping over snakes, puppies in ponds, and climbing and falling!

It was a wonderful time, sad to see them go but Lord willing we will stay on touch! What a special gift from the friends!! We love you Lindsey family!

Our week looks pretty quiet as of this "second!" I am having another cabinet maker come tomorrow to give us another bid. Thursday is grocery day, Friday is the "Affair of the Heart," for me and the girls and some friends. Its a huge craft fair at the OKC fair grounds. I hardly ever buy anything, its just more of a fun tradition. I think another football game is brewing to attend Friday night.

Oh, I forgot to tell you all, Anna got braces. It has been long coming and she finally took the plunge. She just recently got her last baby tooth pulled. One of her adult molars is impacted so surgery is in the future to get that down. Alot of steps but Lord willing straight teeth after about 16 months!

I hope you are spending time in the Scriptures! Its my access to "hear" from my Comforter who holds my Joel, who is always near in heart and thoughts!

Talk to ya soon......

okay.......I have a game the Lindsey family taught us and if you can be the first one to figure it out and give 4 examples, then you will win some "Fall goodies." Its called "Behind the Book Keepers Door." It goes like this, I am going to tell you some things behind the Book Keepers Door....

"Behind the Book Keepers Door there are....

Puppies but no dogs,

there are eggs but no chickens,

there are wheels but no tires,

there is sleet but no snow.

Okay, give 4 examples and win!!

We will play it til Thursday and I will announce the winner at 6 pm this Thursday!!!!!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

some things we do on Saturday!

........walk around outside and eat cold pizza

..........we make 'potatoes'

.........put cell phones on bikes and video the ride

.......feed goats hay

........sweep, cuz mom said!! :)

.......make "Moses' rods

........ride bikes

......get my dad to help me make a "Moses rod"

.......peel the bark off my "Moses rod"

Wow!!! Has another week already gone by???? I really intended on making more posts this week but it just did not happen. I don't know how many like all the "boring" stuff we do?!?! I guess if you don't like all the lists of things we do, where we go, then I will leave it up to you if you wanna read it.

Last night we went to our hometown teams football game, I don't think we have missed one yet! They played the State Champs of last year and it was a tough game but our team won! It was one of those games where you had to play the refs too!! We had a good time and it was our first time since last weekend to all be together!

Tonight we are heading over to Ada, where the job site is but we are going to a bluegrass concert of several families. One of the families lives in Kentucky and we met their friends which are our friends now when we went to Illinois in August. This family has 11 children and they are going to spend the night with us and be here all day Sunday and head out on Monday morning. They travel around in a huge bus, so hopefully it will fit in our drive and we can get it all level!
They like to play vb, so they will be in good hands!!! We are preparing for the meals today and that means alot of cooking for 27 folks.

I don't foresee and more BIG projects that I am going to take on.....LOL!!! I just have to re-do all the wall decorations as I can with some western type pictures. As far as the new space area, we are ready for the cabinets, and are searching out best prices. We are going to have someone make the cabinets and I found the exact doors and drawers made of solid hickory. I am not going to stain them, just put a clear glaze on them. I saw these doors when we visited some friends a few weeks ago and loved them!!!!

The guys are steady working on their houses. They are almost ready to pour the foundation. Just working on it on the weekends makes the progress slow! Elijah is doing work at the fire department today getting ready for their annual bean/stew feed to raise money.

I got up early, made the lunch meal for Sunday dinner, made another batch of cookies and started laundry which is a mountain since the guys are here!!!

Hope you all have a great weekend!!

Monday, October 11, 2010

a story about naaman......

It will never come, October that is, that I will not ever feel a heavy heart. This is where it all began, unknown fevers and fatigue for our little Joel. Today I was looking back on our 2006 calendar for October. A month of much activity in the midst of all that Joel was beginning to experience. We were in the final stages of building our barn getting ready for about 60 people to come to our house on the 14th for a huge family day. I remember the guys working with lights way into the nights trying to get the red tin on the barn.....and they did it!!! It was a great day of fellowship with all the families that came. We played games, had a photo scavenger hunt, had a hot dog roast and played vb! Joel participated but not with his whole heart, he did not feel great but was a very curious on-looker!! :) Of course we had no idea the road before us. Each day I feel God's grace to get me through. I am not gonna say I never question even after 3 1/2 years. I do. I question but God always seems to guide me to a truth in His word that satisfies me for that particular time til the next question. I was reading in II Kings chapter 5, Naaman questioned too. I think where we humans fail is we get ideas and plans of our own and we think "oh, if it would all happen like this, then it will all be good." Naaman said, "behold I thought, He will surely come out to me and stand and call on the name of the Lord his God, and strike his hand over the place and recover the leper. He had this idea of how God could heal him and it didn't exactly go according to his plan. God told him to wash in river Jordan and Naaman thought any of the choices of rivers would have been just as good and it says he went away in a rage. (v.12) Naaman's servants were asking him if God had told to do something great, he would have done it without hesitation but it was simply a command to go wash and he would be clean. He did end up dipping 7 times and it says in v. 14 that his flesh came again like unto the flesh of a little child, and he was clean. I had thought many times if the Lord would just raise Joel up, it would be such a testimony for the Lord. But I think God had much more in mind. I think He had much in mind for hearts, my heart especially. I think I needed washing and cleaning! I think I needed just like it says in verse 14, for my flesh to become that of a little child again, meaning I needed to have the faith of a little child to trust, believe, hope and for these attributes to grow and grow in years to come as I cling to God for helping me through this journey. Isn't it funny how we as adults need to become like children again in many areas especially in faith?? Naaman made a statement that defines his question asked at the beginning when he was trying to figure it all out, he says V 15, Behold now I know that there is no God in all the earth, but in Israel. I feel like I kinda know what Naaman was talking about, I know now ( learning it will never end) that God will be sufficient for whatever we may face, that the Lord has a perfect plan even if it is hard, difficult, not easy to follow, and it could even seem strange to us. But the questions lead to providential results if we have faith/"flesh" of a little child.

Once again, seems like weeks turn into busier weeks! I guess there is no reverse for our crew from here on out in getting back to what I would say a "normal routine." It does not exsist for us now! Like today, I had to finish up grocery shopping, get tags for Anna's car and attempted to go to the court house but on arrival I realized it was Columbus Day.....duh!! Next I had the privilege of taking Elijah's cell phone to the lovely cell phone place only to wait, and wait and wait and I won't write that 50 more times but thats what I did!! Tomorrow will hold its own business as well, Anna has dentistry stuff, girls will iron the afternoon and then the girls are having their friend Jordan/ a girl, (lol!!) come over and hang out for the night and Anna has promised to make her a yummy breakfast! Likely no sleep!! :0

The guys are split into 2 crews this week. Some are in Ada and some are in Okmulgee building a house! So thankful for the work but the only hindrance is that when they are split up, the Ada job goes much slower therefore the job will be longer until finished.

Hope you have a great week!

Mercy wants to know when it is going to be "merry christmas??" I guess she is ready for the season!!

Micah is deer hunting and hoping to get one so we can hang it up in the new area!

The guys had kinda figured out what I was doing to the LR, but they were so amazed when the saw it on Friday evening!!

Terry bought me a "childproof couch!!" The more dents it gets, the more rustic it looks!! I have it placed on the other side of the living room.