Tuesday, October 19, 2010

new friends !!!!!


two firstborn gals. Bethany and Elizabeth.....who do you think went first????


Daniel on the piano, then Elizabeth,Naomi, Anna and Rebekkah

the Lindsey family doing a science demonstration

Mr Lindsey working on Jeremiah

Elizabeth meeting our elephant!!!

Elizabeth after meeting our elephant!!

Rebekkah and baby Olivia and Mrs. Lindsey

drawing "Masterpieces!!"
( a Lindsey game)

When we traveled to Illinois back in August, it has exploded into a huge eruption of "new friends!!" We met the Shullers and the Hingles up there who said we "had" to meet the Lindsey family!! Surprisingly or its not surprisingly to the Lord but God arranged it for us to meet them!! Their family plays and sings bluegrass music and they were coming to our area soooooooooooooooooo, we got to meet them!!!! We convinced them to come to our house! We wanted to hold them hostage but they had to sing Monday, Tuesday night before they head back to Kentucky! Our family has been blessed by getting to know them as much as we could in 2 days! We hope its not too long before we can get together again!

Now for some details........ Since we did not get home until 3 am Sunday morning from their concert and then they followed us back to our house, we did not make it to church Sunday morning but we had a time where we fellow shipped around the Word and with songs! A special time! Now our families got a long real well.......you see they like to play "jokes and do things" to folks like we do!! So their family huddled together to figure out what to do to us and we huddled to figure out what to do to them! We had to get plenty of volley-ball in first along with lotsa coffee, food and dessert. Should I tell all the "things" we did to each other??? Well, lets just say we introduced them to our trained elephant who is very friendly and can do tricks! They did this airplane thing where two guys hold a wide board prepared to lift it up off the floor about 6-9 inches, a person blindfolded is assisted as he/she backs on to the board, as the two guys are lifting the board the person in front of the one standing on the board is holding their hands but they are bending down so it appears the person on the board is really getting lifted up really high. The one holding their hands tells them to jump off the board. The person on the board 'thinks" (but they are only bout 6 inches off the ground) they are up soooo high so when they
jump, they look hilarious!!! Jeremiah, Caleb, Bethany gave us the biggest laugh jumping off!! We sure had a good time! Lotsa laughs!

What happens when you put two firstborn girls together?????? "Adventure!!" Bethany and Elizabeth were trying to find things to get into! One thing they got into was the pond, or rather "river" as Elizabeth described it, but it was not without a "push and pull" trying to get the other one in first!! After that, a group headed to surrounding pastures to sneek around! Big stories were told of leaping over snakes, puppies in ponds, and climbing and falling!

It was a wonderful time, sad to see them go but Lord willing we will stay on touch! What a special gift from the Lord......new friends!! We love you Lindsey family!

Our week looks pretty quiet as of this "second!" I am having another cabinet maker come tomorrow to give us another bid. Thursday is grocery day, Friday is the "Affair of the Heart," for me and the girls and some friends. Its a huge craft fair at the OKC fair grounds. I hardly ever buy anything, its just more of a fun tradition. I think another football game is brewing to attend Friday night.

Oh, I forgot to tell you all, Anna got braces. It has been long coming and she finally took the plunge. She just recently got her last baby tooth pulled. One of her adult molars is impacted so surgery is in the future to get that down. Alot of steps but Lord willing straight teeth after about 16 months!

I hope you are spending time in the Scriptures! Its my access to "hear" from my Comforter who holds my Joel, who is always near in heart and thoughts!

Talk to ya soon......

okay.......I have a game the Lindsey family taught us and if you can be the first one to figure it out and give 4 examples, then you will win some "Fall goodies." Its called "Behind the Book Keepers Door." It goes like this, I am going to tell you some things behind the Book Keepers Door....

"Behind the Book Keepers Door there are....

Puppies but no dogs,

there are eggs but no chickens,

there are wheels but no tires,

there is sleet but no snow.

Okay, give 4 examples and win!!

We will play it til Thursday and I will announce the winner at 6 pm this Thursday!!!!!


Misti C said...

1) Pools but no water
2) Trees but no leaves
3) Doors but no windows
4) Roofs but no ceilings

Anonymous said...

looks like ya'll had a great time!! Tell Elizabeth i can sympathize with her!! i have met the elephant as well! ;)

Daniel and Jaynee Lockwood and Family said...

Good Job, Misti C! I'll play too just for fun...
Behind the book keepers door there are-
Bottles but no milk
Spoons but no forks
Pepper but no salt
Falsehoods but no lies...
And that's the truth! :)

Daniel and Jaynee Lockwood and Family said...

Oh, I was just thinking about you all the other day in all the fun games you like to play. Have you ever played any of the Minute to Win it games? I've never seen the game show, but you can find all the different games they play online. Basically, they are challenges that you have 1 minute to complete to win. They are SOOOO fun and great for group settings! We are going to use them with the teens in our church.

Daniel and Jaynee Lockwood and Family said...
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denise said...

kittens but no cats
plates but no bowls
carpet but no floor
calf but no cow

Chad and Jessica's Family: said...

Looks so much fun. How nice to have great fellowship. I am not even gonna attempt your game!!! :) I am not as creative. What is the elephant??


KD said...

petals but no flower
seeds but no fruit
limbs but no tree
waves but no ocean

I think I can guess at the elephant!

Abigail said...

Fun pictures! And we saw Billy in a few of those!

1. There are balloons but no parties.
2. There are roots but no dirt.
3. There is grass but no flowers.
4. There are poodles but no hounds.