Saturday, October 16, 2010

some things we do on Saturday!

........walk around outside and eat cold pizza

..........we make 'potatoes'

.........put cell phones on bikes and video the ride

.......feed goats hay

........sweep, cuz mom said!! :)

.......make "Moses' rods

........ride bikes

......get my dad to help me make a "Moses rod"

.......peel the bark off my "Moses rod"

Wow!!! Has another week already gone by???? I really intended on making more posts this week but it just did not happen. I don't know how many like all the "boring" stuff we do?!?! I guess if you don't like all the lists of things we do, where we go, then I will leave it up to you if you wanna read it.

Last night we went to our hometown teams football game, I don't think we have missed one yet! They played the State Champs of last year and it was a tough game but our team won! It was one of those games where you had to play the refs too!! We had a good time and it was our first time since last weekend to all be together!

Tonight we are heading over to Ada, where the job site is but we are going to a bluegrass concert of several families. One of the families lives in Kentucky and we met their friends which are our friends now when we went to Illinois in August. This family has 11 children and they are going to spend the night with us and be here all day Sunday and head out on Monday morning. They travel around in a huge bus, so hopefully it will fit in our drive and we can get it all level!
They like to play vb, so they will be in good hands!!! We are preparing for the meals today and that means alot of cooking for 27 folks.

I don't foresee and more BIG projects that I am going to take on.....LOL!!! I just have to re-do all the wall decorations as I can with some western type pictures. As far as the new space area, we are ready for the cabinets, and are searching out best prices. We are going to have someone make the cabinets and I found the exact doors and drawers made of solid hickory. I am not going to stain them, just put a clear glaze on them. I saw these doors when we visited some friends a few weeks ago and loved them!!!!

The guys are steady working on their houses. They are almost ready to pour the foundation. Just working on it on the weekends makes the progress slow! Elijah is doing work at the fire department today getting ready for their annual bean/stew feed to raise money.

I got up early, made the lunch meal for Sunday dinner, made another batch of cookies and started laundry which is a mountain since the guys are here!!!

Hope you all have a great weekend!!


The Ahlgren Family said...

Busy busy! Did Besh get contacts? 'Cause in the pic of her she doesn't have her glasses on. And we need a pic of Anna with her new stuff! :D
Hope ya'll have a good time with the Lindsey family and that you can get their bus in! That'll be an adventure all by itself! :)
( : The Mavs : )

Daniel and Jaynee Lockwood and Family said...

Your life is far from boring and I enjoy hearing of all your adventures so helps me get prepared for what our lives will soon be like as our clan continues to grow.
And putting a cell phone on a bike to video the ride...that's a GREAT idea! I'm going to get a kid to clean something for me in exchange for them getting to do that! They'll love it for sure!
And Mercy's potatoes look very similar to my children's recipe for tacos. :)
May you have a wonderful Lord's day tomorrow and may He fill each and every one of your days next week with His grace.
love you!

nonniemoms said...

I love it when you post it is became part of my daily life..It gives me hope for my family. Please pray for us

Marie said...

I love hearing about your family and your doings! Your's is one blog that I check daily. And the reason is that there are no dirty words, no one is mad and you all are a happy family. And I love how you incorporate the Word in your blog.
Like I have said before, I wish I lived nearer to you all. And my youngest son also, who is looking for a job but lives in Washington state. He would have been glad to get the work and it would have been good for him to do so. He's having a pretty rough time with life right now.

Hugs from Minnesota,

Kathy said...

I've been more a lurker than poster, but wanted to say, I come to read about what your family does. It's always enjoyable to see what other families children do to entertain themselves.

Is your hometown football team a high school or college team?