Thursday, October 21, 2010

the winner and the toe!!

Our computer is down, sooooo I am at the good ole" library!!!!!! I wanted to go ahead and give the winner for the game on the previous post! I have no idea when it will get fixed and its not easy getting up to the library!! So with out further ado the winner is........

Misti C

and here is her 4 examples!!!

so Misti email me your address and I will
get your gift in the mail!!!
depending on our computer issues
it might be next week before I can read e-mails!!!

1) Pools but no water
2) Trees but no leaves
3) Doors but no windows
4) Roofs but no ceilings

Some of you figured it out and some had a few words right. For teh first word you have to have a word that has two letters alike! See Misti's, she used pools, trees, doors and roofs!!!

Thanks for playing!!!!

Now for......our little accident that happened last night!! Josiah has an injury!! He is doing fine now and I am fine now but last night I was not doing fine! We have the 2 8 foot tables that have the 2 long benches, well one of them fell over and crushed his big toe!!! The reason it is so mangled up is because our concrete floor did not give it any cushion. Of course we headed to the ER here in town. We waited in the waiting room for at least an hour and a half and tehn in teh back for that long as well, so 3 hours was plenty!! They took x-rays and a piece of bone chipped off the end and its still inside, it was a very bloody mess! The toenail is only partly fastened. They cleaned it, gave 3 stitches and the numb shot of 3 pokes was the worst!! They did go ahead and give him a shot of antibiotic, just do not want any infection or bone infection! He was very brave, just like his brother Joel. It was not easy for my heart......I still have flashes before my eyes when a child gets hurt or has physical needs or injuries. God was so Faithful to help as Terry was outta town, Bethany went with me and helped. He is happy today and laying on the couch and lotsa movies to watch!!! They did recommend us seeing a bone specialist on Tues to make sure the chipped bone will not affect anything. Pray for no infection and quick healing!! So many prayed for him and txtd me while we were in the ER, thank you for your support!! He is Lord willing going to be fine, I just can hardly stand hospitals, ER and injuries!!!

Like I said, I don't know when I will get back here, but thanks ahead for your prayers!!!

Have a great weekend!!! (if I don;t talk to ya before then)


Elisabeth Lindsey said...

Oh! Poor Siah! Hugs from all the Lindseys and tell him we hope he feels better soon.

Teena said...

oh Poor Josiah! Praying for you.

LOVE your new friends, and the pics.... praying you are back online soon.

I want to share my cell with you but not sure I should here. :)

I would love to text from time to time...

Praying for you... and for this time of year... as I know memories are there... thinking of Joel. I know that must of been so scary in the ER without Terry.


Abigail said...

Ohhh...I do pray that Josiah heals quickly. I know what's like to have a big toe out of commission. Just ask Billy! Keep your feet up, little guy, and get well soon!


Daniel and Jaynee Lockwood and Family said...

Poor Josiah! We'll be praying for him! I'm so glad he was brave. Our daughter, Rebekah, lost the tip of her finger a couple years ago right above the bone. She was having a "contest" with Benjamin...they were seeing who could sink the ax farthest into the stump. Beka went down to feel the cut her ax had made right when Ben was about to take his turn and I still shudder when I imagine it. And I thank the Lord for His protection as it could have been really bad!
I'll be praying for you especially over these months ahead as I know that while you know Joel is safe in his heavenly home, your heart longs for and misses him so much.
Love to you and your family.

Chad and Jessica's Family: said...

So sorry for Josiah. God is so good though. That is so hard on your mommys heart and I am so grateful he is okay. Hope it heals up and he is running around soon.


Sharon said...

Praying for Josiah's complete healing and for you too!