Monday, October 4, 2010

weekend review !!!

Hope everyone had a great weekend!!! It is very cool here! I am enduring it! :) Friday night we went to Ada for a football game, it was fun! My friend Natalie and her daughter Annalee went along with us and the van made it to and fro! The guys were already there, so they just came from work. Kinda strange when I called as we were sitting in the stands and I asked where they were and they said "just stopping at the house and changing." The rent house is just a few blocks from the field. Terry's folks came for the weekend too so we had a busy time with them. The Tulsa State Fair ended Thursday night but they do not release the goats until Saturday at noon, so Terry had to travel back to Tulsa to get Bethany and the goats. Anna stayed in Tulsa until today with a friend. Saturday, the guys worked on their land getting sand dumped preparing for the plumbing. Saturday evening we were invited to a young couples house for dinner!! Can you believe it????? Someone actually asked a family of 14 to dinner plus a few extra's!!!! LouCinda did a great job and the meal was sooooo delicious and we had fun telling stories of "things" we did, kinda like pranks and jokes all in good fun at the time. Sunday Caleb and Daniel had the opportunity to play their instruments at church, a blessing to get to hear them myself. Sunday afternoon we went to a little friends bd party, then after that we went to a real baseball field and played wiffle ball! I am loving that game. We ended the weekend, Sunday night with pizza, blue bell ice -cream and a game of scrabble with Dave and Kate and grandparents!! Whew.............what a weekend jammed packed!! Hope you could follow all that!

Lets see, what is today???? Monday! I have taken on a HUGE project, almost over whelming and hopefully it will be done before the weekend when the guys get home, if not, I am in trouble as far as mess goes!!!! So I don't know if I'll get back here for a few days. You'll enjoy a break from me.......haha!!! And I might give you a peek of what I have been up to :)

Well, I had to get on here and write "something" for my friend Angie, she said she had read the sweater post 15 times. LOL!!!!! But I have no pictures, which I can hardly stand to make a post without pics but its either "words" or nothin' tonight!

Have a great rest of the week!! And if I have any breaking news, I'll be back sooner than later!!!


Cheryl said...

I agree with your don't post often enough!! :(

Looking forward to some pictures of your "project". ;)

-Hannah B.

The Gilmore Family said...

That sounded like y'all had lots of fun over the weekend :)
So hwo won the baseball, and the football game?
Tell Billy hey for me and we cant wate to see him at Thanksgiving:):):):)

James Gilmore.

Anonymous said...


Well, I have to admit I looked an Sweet Mercy's sweater several times myself! :D

Sounds like a fun weekend!! I love scrabble!

Can't wait for those sneak peak pictures!