Tuesday, October 26, 2010

toe update!!!

Josiah went to visit the bone specialist this morning and we got a good report!! The small piece of bone is small enough that all will be well with it remaining in there, so no more procedures, just a long time of healing and when ever he would feel comfortable putting a shoe on he can. He will likely choose to wait awhile for a shoe! :) Thankful !!

I have tried to post this 4 times.....so I will push the button one more time before I do something unkind to this computer!!! :)

Thank you for your concerns and prayers for Siah!!! He is very brave!!

Micah's deer pictures are at the bottom of the previous post.


Teena said...

HI. Glad to see you. So thankful Siah's toe is better.

Miss seeing you here as much. So fustrating computer problems.


The Ahlgren Family said...

Praise God for no more procedures! :) Glad to hear that all is well!