Monday, October 25, 2010

catching up......

this is what happens when a mom takes a child to the ER.......craziness!!!!

thumbs and peace!!!!

okay........back to sweet faces!!!!

this is Lucas........

this is Lucas on floor..........
this is Lucas on piano.......

dude on bike!!!!!

This is the 3rd post I have tried to write and because of the internet has not worked!!! So I am typing fast to hope that the connection stays til I am done!!!! Alot to report/share with ya!!

First, Josiah is doing well, in good spirits and learning to hobble around. His toe is not quite as oozie, but it still looks terrible. I could show pictures, but some might think thats going toooo far :) We will see the bone Dr. tomorrow to find out what he thinks about the little piece of bone that remains inside. I am hoping it will be no big deal to leave it in therefore no more procedures. It will be a long time before it gets back to normal and before he can wear a boot or shoe. Once again thank you for praying for him, it meant so much to me the night it happened receiving fb notes, txts and concerns for him. It was not easy dealing with it while Terry was in Ada, but Bethany was with me at the ER, and she does well with hurt situations.

Ok, next.....big news this morning....Micah (16) killed a doe!!! Good job and good eatin' for us!!! Now he's just gotta get me that big buck so I can hang it on our huge wall in our new space area!

We have had a bit of sore throat stuff going on, I had it for 3 days and it was misery! Terry got t Saturday night and he was in terrible shape all day Sunday. He stayed back here from Ada and hopes to travel to the job this afternoon. We have two crews going, Terry, Daniel, and Billy and all the area workers are at Ada. Caleb, Elijah and another worker/friend are in Okmulgee Ok. Work is such a blessing and more jobs are awaiting!

This morning, the cabinet fellow came to finalize details for the first phase of cabinets! I am very excited! Maybe in two week we will have them in! We have it divided in 3 phases so it will still be awhile til completion. If the Lord is willing, maybe by summer the cabinets will be all done!

Many have sent warm thoughts to me for this time of year. My mind is so there... Fall 06. I can almost recount each day of what Joel was doing as far as his health and how he was feeling. When I go outside, tears come easy. Smells, crunchy leaves, overcast days take me there. Grace, grace, God's grace......its how I do it!!!

Yesterday was the first Sunday in a long time we actually all stayed home and did stuff here. Played some vb, some rode 4 wheelers, Elijah bought a dirt bike, soooooo I got to see him till up the ground and grass as he showed me "how" he could ride it!! LOL! We enjoyed the day and topped it off with a dessert from Anna and a movie.

This week looks slow.....can that be????

When Anna gets back, if I can put up pictures of the last few days, I will but it might not happen. The provider to our internet is working on the situation but still could be a few days.

Misti C......getting your gift in the mail today!!!!

Happy Monday!!!!


The Ahlgren Family said...

We're glad to hear that Siah is doing better! We'll keep praying for him and for the appointment to go well tomorrow!
We were(are) so happy for Micah!!! Praise God that Micah got to shoot the doe and that we were able to finally find her! Now we just need to pray that we can find Micah's quiver...
Hurray for a slow week!!! It'll be so exciting when you get your cabinets in! We need to have you over to see our recent projects!
Oh, if the deer meat tastes gamey you can soak it in milk before you cook it and that helps!
Have a lovely day!

Sharon said...

Good job Micah! Praying for you all.

Cheryl said...

Congrats to Micah!!! Man, that doe looks huge!

Enjoyed the pics - I'm sure Anna just *loved* that you posted them. :P

Hannah B.

Anonymous said...

GREAT post Mrs. Morris!

All the pictures are so fun!! I really like the first couple of the girls, and the guys on the piano! I've only seen one gu ever play the piano... I think it's so neat!!

I'm guessin 'Lucas' is a worker/friend? Looks like... :)

Poor little Siah! (i'd like to see pictures! In case you were wondering.... :D Really!) Hope he continues to heal quickly and has no more procedures!!

Great job on the doe Micah!!!!! I'll show James the photos, he'll go crazy! He's dying to kill another deer!

Enjoying the Fall weather!

...only 20 somthing more days until Thanksgiving....

Abigail said...

Yeah! Lots of pics and sounds like the Morris clan is having just as much fun as ever. Glad that Josiah is doing better. It'll take a while, but he'll back to running before you know it.

Horaah for more venison!!!! That was a nice sized doe. And looks like Billy's truck came in handy for the photo shoot. :-) I'm looking forward to trying my hand at it again this year!

Have a great slow week!