Friday, December 31, 2010

Kentucky pictures and Lucas' bd!!!!

Our trip to Kentucky was a fun time with sooo many wonderful folks! The Lindsey family, the family we went to see has 11 children and they live in an elementary school, (they got a great deal at an auction) so that is why you see alot gym of the pictures. We definitely did not have a problem with space!! :) We got there Thursday morning at 5 am, they showed us our beds and we all slept til 8am or so since we drove all night! From the time we all got up, it was part-tay til we left!!!!!! We cooked together, played together, sang together, read scriptures together and played jokes together. Saturday, the fun continued with chariot races on blankets in the gym!! Terry had told our children about this event from his past youth minister days and we have never had a place to do it, but finally our children got to experience it!!! Sunday, the Lindsey family invited close to a 100 people over, most of the families we had met when we went to Illinois back in August to Danielle's wedding, so it was great reunion to visit with them again!!! Lots of volley ball, games and fellowship and later in the evening we gathered and sang and shared and prayed, then more volley ball before the night ended and we had to say our good-byes! Monday morning we loaded up and headed back OKC, arriving safely that evening!! And guess who was here to welcome us or really to welcome Bethany.......Lucas!!!!! I was wondering if they would make it being apart for 4 days!!! ;) She did, but while we were in Kentucky, Bethany disappeared alot, talking on the cute!!!!

Been a busy week trying to get things back on track. I do not think our lives will ever be the same when it comes to schedule, routine as it was say prior to Joel. Not only was our hearts turned upside down, but our daily routine is out the door!

Yesterday, Thursday, was Lucas' birthday! 24 years old for him! We had a little party for him, "Superman," was the theme. He thinks he is Superman!! hahah!! What guy doesn't ??? He's Bethany's superman anyway!! We had cake, ice-cream and played some games and as usual acted crazy!!! A fun night!

Today, Saturday, Terry's folks are coming for a visit, so getting ready for them! The guys are working on their land, I need to finish some town stuff quick before they get here. So hope you all have a great weekend!!!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

rememeber these ?????

Remember these pictures????

.....this is Lucas

......this is Lucas on floor

......this is Lucas on piano


......this is Lucas and Bethany!!!!!!

Aren't they cute?????? Ummmmm, I guess you wanna know the scoop, huh????? Well, two weeks ago Lucas went and had the BIG talk with Terry!!! Lucas's supporters, Caleb, Daniel, and Elijah were there for support! We are very excited for the official courtship of Lucas and Bethany! No dates as of yet, Lucas is waiting to get a secure job with a local police department. Interviews are underway for that and we are praying God will provide quickly! Right now they are enjoying spending time together with each other and with us as a family and getting to know each other, discussing ideas, goals for marriage, and making sure Lucas gets chocolate cake at the wedding!!! :)

Its a wonderful "season" in our family right now! God is so good to bless us with meeting so many new folks!

Soooooo, hope you all rejoice with us and we will keep you posted with any further updates!!!

................................And aren't they cute????????

................oh, his name is Lucas Armenta!

we r home!!!

We made it back from Kentucky!!! A great, uneventful road trip, so thankful for that!!! Today has been busy getting things back in order, including 2 trips to OKC, orthodontist stuff and I had to pick up my belated bd gift from the dear husband! Plus the girls helped me take down Christmas stuff. It looks so blah around here now!

Just saying hi, hope to be back tomorrow!, a Vision Forum movie and relaxing!!!!

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas!!!

Merry Christmas

from the Morris Family!!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

now a short post.....hahah!!!!

Well, I hope you all are getting ready to enjoy family, friends, fellowship with others as we celebrate Jesus! Hopefully we are celebrating him everyday!! I love Him more in my life than I ever have. I feel like I know Him more than I ever have and yet, none can comprehend all of HIM! I feel like I call out to him more than I ever have, yet my words are so inadequate. I feel like I need him more than ever in my life for direction, for peace, for hope, for mercies, for blessings to be given unto my children. I am so thankful that whatever my need, it is HIM that will fill it! May HE, do that unto you, that Christ Child, the Holy One, the Savior!!

I had a interesting birthday yesterday, it was all good, but I spent much of it at the Verizon store getting a new phone which I am super excited about, but it took way tooo looonnngg!!! Bethany and I dashed back home and Terry suprised me with coming home from Ada and taking me out to dinner! We had gone to this one restaurant and it was a great experience the first time so we returned but it was not as great the 2nd time. We just kept sitting and sitting and they finally brought our salad and fnally brought our meal. The manager asked how it was and well......I guess it always "pays" to be honest!!! hahah!!!! Because of our mild complaint, our dinner was on him!!! So it turned out alright! Came home, got some coffee and snuggled in our warm house! All good!

Yall are a fun bunch to write to. I really never tire of blogging, sometimes I just get so busy to gather my thoughts but I really enjoy writing. But I have made observations about all yall! When I write about more generic things yall interact more, when I write about Joel, yall are so tender to comfort me, when I write about what we are doing yall seem to like that, when I share scriptures, there is small response but when I write about something like my previous post, kinda serious, yall go silent! I know your out there! Like Buzz in Toy Story says, "yall are a strange little bunch (man)!!" Anyways, just my observation, no big deal! :)

Well, gotta get the day going, lots to accomplish in a short amount of time.......

Kentucky bound....
(Lord willing)

Sunday, December 19, 2010

a very lonnnggg post! :)

please take time to read this:

taken from John Gills Exposition of the Old and New Testament


The general design of this chapter is to confirm what is before observed, the vanity and inconstancy of all things; the frailty of man, and changes respecting him; his fruitless toil and labour in all his works; that it is best to be content with present things, and cheerful in them, and thankful for them; that all comes from the hand of God; that such good men, who have not at present that joy that others have, may have it, since there is a time for it; and that sinners should not please themselves with riches gathered by them, since they may be soon taken from them, for there is a time for everything, Ec 3:1; of which there is an induction of particulars, Ec 3:2; so that though every thing is certain with God, nothing is certain with men, nor to be depended on, nor can happiness be placed therein; there is no striving against the providence of God, nor altering the course of things; the labour of man is unprofitable, and his travail affliction and vexation, Ec 3:9; and though all God's works are beautiful in their season, they are unsearchable to man, Ec 3:11; wherefore it is best cheerfully to enjoy the present good things of life, Ec 3:12; and be content; for the will and ways and works of God are unalterable, permanent, and perfect, Ec 3:14;

Ver. 1. To every [thing there is] a season,.... A set determined time, when everything shall come into being, how long it shall continue, and in what circumstances; all things that have been, are, or shall be, were foreordained by God, and he has determined the times before appointed for their being, duration, and end; which times and seasons he has in his own power: there was a determined time for the whole universe, and for all persons and things in it; a settled fixed moment for the world to come into being; for it did not exist from everlasting, nor of itself, nor was formed by the fortuitous concourse of atoms, but by the wisdom and power of God; nor could it exist sooner or later than it did; it appeared when it was the will of God it should; in the beginning he created it, and he has fixed the time of its duration and end; for it shall not continue always, but have an end, which when it will be, he only knows: so there is a determined time for the rise, height, and declension of states and kingdoms in it; as of lesser ones, so of the four great monarchies; and for all the distinct periods and ages of the world; and for each of the seasons of the year throughout all ages; for the state of the church in it, whether in suffering or flourishing circumstances; for the treading down of the holy city; for the prophesying, slaying, and rising of the witnesses; for the reign and ruin of antichrist; for the reign of Christ on earth, and for his second coming to judgment, though of that day and hour knows no man: and as there is a set time in the counsels and providence of God for these more important events, so for every thing of a lesser nature;

and a time to every purpose under the heaven; to every purpose of man that is carried into execution; for some are not, they are superseded by the counsel of God; some obstruction or another is thrown in the way of them, so that they cannot take place; God withdraws men from them by affliction or death, when their purposes are broken; or by some other way; and what are executed he appoints a time for them, and overrules them to answer some ends of his own; for things the most contingent, free, and voluntary, fall under the direction and providence of God. And there is a time for every purpose of his own; all things done in the world are according to his purposes, which are within himself wisely formed, and are eternal and unfrustrable; and there is a time fixed for the execution of them, for every purpose respecting all natural and civil things in providence; and for every purpose of his grace, relating to the redemption of his people, the effectual calling of them, and the bringing them to eternal glory; which are the things that God wills, that he takes delight and pleasure in, as the word {e} signifies. Ver. 2. A time to be born,.... The Targum is,

"to beget sons and daughters;''

but rather it is to bear them, there being a time in nature fixed for that, called the hour of a woman, Job 14:1;

and a time to die; the time of a man's coming into the world and going out of it, both being fixed by the Lord {f}: this is true of all men in general, of all men that come into the world, for whom it is appointed that they shall die; and particularly of Christ, whose birth was at the time appointed by the Father, in the fulness of time; and whose death was in due time, nor could his life be taken away before his hour was come, Joh 7:30; and this holds good of every individual man; his birth is at the time God has fixed it; that any man is born into the world, is of God; no man comes into it at his own pleasure or another's, but at the will of God, and when he pleases, not sooner nor later; and the time of his going out of the world is settled by him, beyond which time he cannot live, and sooner he cannot die, Job 14:5; and though no mention is made of the interval of life between a man's birth and death, yet all events intervening are appointed by God; as the place of his abode; his calling and station of life; all circumstances of prosperity and adversity; all diseases of body, and what lead on to death, and issue in it: the reason why these two are put so close together is, to show the certainty of death; that as sure as a man is born, so sure shall he die; and the frailty and shortness of life, which is but an hand's breadth, passes away like a tale that is told, yea, is as nothing; so that no account is made of it, as if there was no time allotted it, or that it deserved no mention; and also to observe that the seeds of mortality and death are in men as soon as they are born; as soon as they begin to live they begin to die, death is working in them;

Ver. 4. A time to weep, and a time to laugh,.... There is a time for these things, as it goes ill or well with persons, as to their health, estate, or friends; and as it goes ill or well with kingdoms and states. The Jews wept when they were in Babylon, and their mouths were filled with laughter when their captivity was returned,
Ps 137:1; and as it goes ill or well with the church of Christ, when there are corruptions in doctrine and worship, a neglect of ordinances, declensions in faith and practice, few instances of conversion, and there are divisions and contentions, it is a time for the mourners in Zion to weep but when God creates Jerusalem a rejoicing, and her people a joy, or makes her an eternal excellency, and the praise of the whole earth, then it is a time to rejoice and be glad, Isa 61:3; and as it is, with believers, when Christ is withdrawn from them, it is a time to lament, but, when the bridegroom is with them, it is a time of joy; when it is a night of darkness and desertion, weeping endures, but when the morning comes, the day breaks, and the sun of righteousness arises, joy comes with it, Mt 9:15
Joh 16:19. Now in the present state is the saints' weeping time; in the time to come they will laugh, or be filled with joy unspeakable and full of glory, Lu 6:21;

a time to mourn, and a time to dance; to mourn at funerals, and to dance at festivals; in a spiritual sense, God sometimes turns the mourning of his people into dancing, or joy, which that is expressive of; see Ps 30:11.

Ver. 11. He hath made every [thing] beautiful in his time,.... That is, God has made everything; as all things in creation are made by him, for his pleasure and glory, and all well and wisely, there is a beauty in them all: so all things in providence; he upholds all things; he governs and orders all things according to the counsel of his will; some things are done immediately by him, others by instruments, and some are only permitted by him; some he does himself, some he wills to be done by others, and some he suffers to be done; but in all there is a beauty and harmony; and all are ordered, disposed, and overruled, to answer the wisest and greatest purposes; everything is done in the time in which he wills it shall; be done, and done in the time most fit and suitable for it to be done; all things before mentioned, for which there is a time, and all others: all natural things are beautiful in their season; things in summer, winter, spring, and autumn; frost and snow in winter, and heat in summer; darkness and dews in the night, and light and brightness in the day; and so in ten thousand other things: all afflictive dispensations of Providence; times of plucking up and breaking down of weeping and mourning, of losing and casting away are all necessary, and seasonable and beautiful, in their issue and consequences: prosperity and adversity, in their turns, make a beautiful checker work, and work together for good; are like Joseph's coat, of many colours, which was an emblem of those various providences which attended that good man; and were extremely beautiful, as are all the providences of God to men: and all his judgments will be, when made manifest; when he shall have performed his whole work, and the mystery of God in providence will be finished; which is like a piece of tapestry; when only viewed in parts no beauty appears in it, scarce any thing to be made of it but when all is put together, it is most beautiful and harmonious. The words may be rendered, "the beautiful One hath made all things in his time" {m}; the Messiah; who, as a divine Person, is the brightness of his Father's glory; as man, is fairer than the sons, of Adam; as Mediator, is full of grace and truth; is white and ruddy, altogether lovely, exceeding precious to his people: this fair and lovely One has made all things in creation; works with his Father in the affairs of providence; and has done all things well in grace and redemption, Joh 1:2;

and enjoy the good of all his labour; take the comfort of what he has been labouring for, and not lay it up for, and leave it to, he knows not who: the Targum is,

"and see good in his days, and cause his children, at the time of his death, to inherit all his labour;''

"it is the gift of God; not only to have, but to enjoy, and make proper use of the mercies of life."

I know that is alot to process but what incredible truth to meditate upon!! I guess this last week or so the Lord brought to my mind and then I begun reading it, Ecc. chapter 3, the verses that speak of "there is a time."

1 To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven:
2 A time to be born, and a time to die; a time to plant, and a time to pluck up that which is planted;
3 A time to kill, and a time to heal; a time to break down, and a time to build up;
4 A time to weep, and a time to laugh; a time to mourn, and a time to dance

5 A time to cast away stones, and a time to gather stones together; a time to embrace, and a time to refrain from embracing;
6 A time to get, and a time to lose; a time to keep, and a time to cast away;
7 A time to rend, and a time to sew; a time to keep silence, and a time to speak;
8 A time to love, and a time to hate; a time of war, and a time of peace.
9 What profit hath he that worketh in that wherein he laboureth?
10 I have seen the travail, which God hath given to the sons of men to be exercised in it.
11 He hath made every thing beautiful in his time: also he hath set the world in their heart, so that no man can find out the work that God maketh from the beginning to the end.

There has been and are alot of things happening in our family, especially over the last almost 4 years...... and over the last year,our children are getting older. I feel like the Lord has and is so graciously carrying me through one of the most unimaginable trials anyone could go through, the death of a child. He is so Wonderful!! He is Faithful! His ways are perfect! I still have to continue to stay upon that but I believe it with all my being! I am so excited about what lies ahead with our family!

I believe with all my heart, that these verses in Ecc. 3, tell us that there are "times and seasons" for various purposes that God will take us to and through. Our family has passed through many seasons/times of life, childbearing,( i think it might be over) nursing, rigid schedules for young children, training in the home to develope skills that will allow our daily life to run smoothly, admonishing our children with truth and doctrines of scripture that hopefully will be the very core of who they are and WHO they will trust and follow all their days, being apart of a church in OKC,for more than 6 years, and gaining friendships that were our very crutches in our situation with Joel, then moving on to gathering in homes to worship, be encouraged, and hear sound doctrine taught to compliment what Terry has sought to instill in our children. Our family has also passed through seasons/times of trusting God with income from the cooperate world and now a different season began almost 4 years ago of being self-employed. Through both of those avenues we have experienced seasons of need and season of abundance. Over these last 4 years we have met soooo many people, we have an average of 7,000 visits to Joel's Journey in a months time, I am humbled! So what I am trying to convey here is not numbers but people.....many I have met, talk to somewhat often and so many are hurting mothers and fathers like me and Terry, many have large families, some have small families, some home school, home church, some fellowship in traditional churches some go to public school. We are all different, every single one might not be saved by His grace, many are, we are all at different growths in Christ, but IF we are in Christ we have something in common......Jesus. In our married life we obviously have had many different seasons/times places of having fellowship with many people. I have long time friends in Ar, that I do not talk to often but when I do, we pick right up. I have met many at our church in OKC, that I do not talk to often either but when we happen to see each other, we hug necks and are blessed with the "short meeting up." Recently, through much prayer, we have entered another season/time and that is becoming a part of a local church in our area. I can not tell you how many wonderful folks we have met and are blessed by their commitment to Christ, their encouragement to our family and the fun fellowship we are having with them. God directs us to different places sometimes for the seasons/times we are in. When we had a young children, we were at that time in churches that would compliment our needs then, and so the same for now as older children have gotten older, a new season has come. New folks, a new season and we are excited for the opportunities our family can participate in locally.

I don't think we have thrown anything out from whence our family began on 24 years ago, I will just say we will always be growing in grace, desiring God's will, and wanting to learn more of what it was like as Jesus met so many and they might have not been exactly like Him!!

I doubt this all makes sense, but the bottom line is I believe God brings us to different seasons/times as we get older, our children get older.

I believe God blesses with seasons of need and seasons of abundance. We are so grateful for the Ada job and God has used it a means to provide for our family.

I believe God allows us to meet and cross paths with new folks in different seasons in our lives.

Why am I addressing all this? Well, sometimes its time to be quiet and sometimes its time to share truth so people can hear straight from "the horses mouth."

I have requested Terry to read over this and make sure its fine to publish.

So now on a lighter note, life is wonderful, God is Faithful and Lord willing we are not going to have a "white Christmas," but we are going to have a "Kentucky Christmas!!!" Heading that way soon!!!!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

granite installed today!!!

Yesterday, the 14th, was the day we brought Joel home from his first round of chemo in Dec. 06. Today he was enjoying catching up on playing with all his brothers and sisters! Its such an unusual feeling to reflect back and know the certain days of what was happening. Its sad, but I am wholly confident that God's plan is perfect and right. I don't question that at all, I just miss him on days as these that are poignant dates.

On a cheery note, we had the first phase of the granite installed!!! It looks so beautiful!! Its coming!! Hopefully Terry will get the sink/faucet all hooked up this weekend and we can "move." I remember the Lord giving me a verse like last year and it was talking about Solomon building the temple and it took 7 years, so it has helped me to try to be content and try not to complain about the progress. Its amazing that the Lord has even provided for us to do this and he is using the means of the Ada job, and it is a huge blessing!! I hope someday I can host all of our grandchildren in our BIG kitchen!!! Still things on the list; north wall cabinets, 8 foot island, trim out windows with wood, back splash behind counters, electricity over there, and eventually tile on the floors, and lights, ceiling fans and such!! But hooray, its moving forward!!!

Well, tomorrow, Thursday, I am going to a funeral that had a baby boy die in utero at 6 months, the cord had a knot. Some of you might remember them from the Joel's Journey DVD, the couple that spoke, the Lathams. So if you think of it, pray for them!

Also an update on Kelley. I only get 2nd hand info but this is all I know as now. She has squeezed her dad's hand and had tears in her eyes, so she is likely hearing them. They are now giving her a 60% survival instead of 10%. They are weaning her off the meds that has kept her in a coma. Keep praying for her!

Have a great evening!!!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Christmas tour......

Over at Kelly's she is having Christmas Tour of Homes!! I did this along time ago with the living room tour, I think it was! But I have enjoyed looking at all the links to the beautiful decorated Christmas homes! Hope you enjoy ours!

We are blessed with 13 children so two big tables are needed!
and we are getting new kitchen cabinets, so its not finished yet!

some sparkly snowmen!

our wood stove keeps us toasty!

our theme in our home decorations is western

my husband blessed me with this rustic shelf for our 24th anniv. in Nov

a western Christmas!

I think I can use these other than Christmas!

we have two large trees, the one here is a western themed tree and the
12 foot tree in the background is my great craigslist buy!!!
only $100!!

I made these just recently, glass boxes found at Lowes,
put 50 count lights in and wrap a wire bow
and you have shimmering gift boxes!

Merry Christmas
thank you for stopping by!!!

christmas party pictures!!!

ready for the party!!

all the deer antler folks!!! hilarious!!!


Josh, a pay back from all his "youth games!!"

donut game!!!

my friend Natalie and my interior decorator.... :) her husband
Paul had to work and their oldest son Dalton was not there either!!!

new friends from church, vb folks!!!

us, with a few extras, Jessica, Kristen and Sid!!!!

our dear friends the Burnetts!!!!

Dave and Kate and Lilian

Chappell family, we play vb with them and this is Lucas' family!!!

our dear friends of 24 plus years!!

Jessica and the donut game!!!

Bill Stinson....u figure em out!!! ahahha!!!

Josh....minister of students at our church!

"gifts" they got!!!
Dave, Caleb and Sid!!
a head band, a necklace and a hat!!
i think they traded with other people!

this is our pastors family!!

girls enjoying the party!!

The Christmas party was alot of fun!!! Our friends, Jessica and Kristen made it in from Dallas and Maryland!!!! We had I think bout 60 people here! What a blessing for the space to host it! We ate first, and wow, a ton of food!!! Everything was so delicious! Then teh crazy games began. I will tell you about them in case you want some ideas for your party! I found them on line under group Christmas games! One was "reindeer antlers." We had 7 teams and I gave each team a pair of panty hose and 8 balloons! The winner would be the first team to blow up the balloons, putting 4 in each leg without popping any! And of course we had to get crazy pictures wearing the antlers!!! It was hilarious! Another game was a relay, unwrapping kisses with mittens on and racing back and putting the kiss in the next ones mouth. The last game was with a donut tied on a string and hooked to a dow rod and one team member had to feed the dangling donut to the other team member laying on the floor and no hands allowed!!!! Not easy for sure. If played, I would suggest the person not to lay on the floor but sit on the floor. It almost had a gag effect!!! LOL! We also exchanged gifts with a story that was read which had the words left and right and everytime the word was said, you passed the gift that direction until the story was finished.

What a great time and great friends!! I made posters for each family to hold up with silly things that represented their families and we took pictures!! So thankful for the friends the Lord has brought into our lives. Some are new friends we have met in the fellowship of our church here in town that we have joined and several of the families are long time friends! The Stinson family we have know for 26-27 years and the Burnett's we have been hanging with them for 10 years! Our family is blessed with amazing brothers and sisters in Christ!

We had a great weekend with Jessica and Kristen's visit. I will post some pictures of that another time!!!

Have a great Monday!