Friday, December 31, 2010

Kentucky pictures and Lucas' bd!!!!

Our trip to Kentucky was a fun time with sooo many wonderful folks! The Lindsey family, the family we went to see has 11 children and they live in an elementary school, (they got a great deal at an auction) so that is why you see alot gym of the pictures. We definitely did not have a problem with space!! :) We got there Thursday morning at 5 am, they showed us our beds and we all slept til 8am or so since we drove all night! From the time we all got up, it was part-tay til we left!!!!!! We cooked together, played together, sang together, read scriptures together and played jokes together. Saturday, the fun continued with chariot races on blankets in the gym!! Terry had told our children about this event from his past youth minister days and we have never had a place to do it, but finally our children got to experience it!!! Sunday, the Lindsey family invited close to a 100 people over, most of the families we had met when we went to Illinois back in August to Danielle's wedding, so it was great reunion to visit with them again!!! Lots of volley ball, games and fellowship and later in the evening we gathered and sang and shared and prayed, then more volley ball before the night ended and we had to say our good-byes! Monday morning we loaded up and headed back OKC, arriving safely that evening!! And guess who was here to welcome us or really to welcome Bethany.......Lucas!!!!! I was wondering if they would make it being apart for 4 days!!! ;) She did, but while we were in Kentucky, Bethany disappeared alot, talking on the cute!!!!

Been a busy week trying to get things back on track. I do not think our lives will ever be the same when it comes to schedule, routine as it was say prior to Joel. Not only was our hearts turned upside down, but our daily routine is out the door!

Yesterday, Thursday, was Lucas' birthday! 24 years old for him! We had a little party for him, "Superman," was the theme. He thinks he is Superman!! hahah!! What guy doesn't ??? He's Bethany's superman anyway!! We had cake, ice-cream and played some games and as usual acted crazy!!! A fun night!

Today, Saturday, Terry's folks are coming for a visit, so getting ready for them! The guys are working on their land, I need to finish some town stuff quick before they get here. So hope you all have a great weekend!!!


Daniel and Jaynee Lockwood and Family said...

Bethany, Now I know his birthday :)

Teena said...

Great pics! I am so surprised/excited about Bethany & Lucas. How wonderful. I haven't been here in a few days....

so excited. how encouraging.

Thinking of you.... praying for you as this week, month ... comes. May God give you HIS grace & strength.

I am so thankful you are my friend.