Wednesday, December 15, 2010

granite installed today!!!

Yesterday, the 14th, was the day we brought Joel home from his first round of chemo in Dec. 06. Today he was enjoying catching up on playing with all his brothers and sisters! Its such an unusual feeling to reflect back and know the certain days of what was happening. Its sad, but I am wholly confident that God's plan is perfect and right. I don't question that at all, I just miss him on days as these that are poignant dates.

On a cheery note, we had the first phase of the granite installed!!! It looks so beautiful!! Its coming!! Hopefully Terry will get the sink/faucet all hooked up this weekend and we can "move." I remember the Lord giving me a verse like last year and it was talking about Solomon building the temple and it took 7 years, so it has helped me to try to be content and try not to complain about the progress. Its amazing that the Lord has even provided for us to do this and he is using the means of the Ada job, and it is a huge blessing!! I hope someday I can host all of our grandchildren in our BIG kitchen!!! Still things on the list; north wall cabinets, 8 foot island, trim out windows with wood, back splash behind counters, electricity over there, and eventually tile on the floors, and lights, ceiling fans and such!! But hooray, its moving forward!!!

Well, tomorrow, Thursday, I am going to a funeral that had a baby boy die in utero at 6 months, the cord had a knot. Some of you might remember them from the Joel's Journey DVD, the couple that spoke, the Lathams. So if you think of it, pray for them!

Also an update on Kelley. I only get 2nd hand info but this is all I know as now. She has squeezed her dad's hand and had tears in her eyes, so she is likely hearing them. They are now giving her a 60% survival instead of 10%. They are weaning her off the meds that has kept her in a coma. Keep praying for her!

Have a great evening!!!


I'm Kristen said...

absolutely gorgeous. seriously.

The Ahlgren Family said...

I wish we could have met Joel here!
WOW! The granite looks grrreat! :) Can't wait to see it in person! I'm sure you can't wait to "break" it in! It should last for many generations! :D I bet everyone is fighting over who gets to wash dishes fist, haha!
Thanks for the update on Mrs. Nash! We'll keep praying for her and for the Lathams.
Lots of love,
( : The Mavs : )

Teena said...

they are beautiful. WE love watching the progress....

Do you know the anniversary date of this blog? I was just wondering.... I remember "Jen" on a board I am on asking all of us to pray....

thinking of you.... praying for you.

also for your friends... I do remember them from the dvd.

Hugs & love,