Sunday, December 5, 2010

the gift.....

(her) " do you think you will cry when your children get married?"

(me) "oh I know I am going to."

(her) "well, I made you something."

and then she handed me a gift,
and began to explain it to me.

what was before my eyes
more than a gift from her....

God was using her as a vessel
to answer a prayer I prayed
or rather cried Friday morning!

she tenderly pointed out the fine details
of one of the of the purest,
most intricate,
hand-work pieces
I have ever seen......

a dainty white
handkerchief with threads
that delicately created a design
like unto
a vine
that had
13 roses
finely stitched around a cross
that was in the middle.
tatting adorns
the outer edges
of the meticulously

December 4th, 5th and 6th are difficult days still. Four years ago it was cold outside like today. and after the Dr. appointment, we were suppose to go get cow-boots with Joel and Josiah. Four years ago we wanted answers as we sat in the Dr's office on the 4th and watched the Dr. frantically dash out to make arrangements to admit Joel into the hospital for tests. Four years ago on the 5th, I watched Joel undergo more than a mommy's heart can bare. Four years ago on the 6th, tests results were told as we sat in the room at the hospital that our little boy had cancer. Four years ago....our lives changed. But HE did not!

Friday I read a verse and as I knelt by my bed, I prayed that verse, I begged that verse, I cried that verse because I needed Him the next 3 days. He was and is Faithful!

I will not leave you comfortless: I will come to you. John 14:18

My prayer did not ask God to comfort me, my prayer was asking Him to "come to me." The verse said "I will come to you." Thats what I wanted. Somehow. Someway. He did. Sunday at church. You see when she handed me the gift, the handkerchief, it was more than something to wipe my tears on at the Lord willing future weddings of my children. It was a gift that wiped the tears of my heart in answering the prayer I pleaded for......"I will come to you." I reached out and received the gift with a hug and tears, clutching her embrace and whispering in her ear, "thank you for 13 roses." He came to me today....through her. As I have pondered this small treasured handkerchief and looked at the intricate details, I could not help but think of the purity of Christ. Even something as this handkerchief, so pure, and with out blemish to our eyes, is not even comparable to what we shall see when we see Him. Jesus. God. Holy One.

Thank you Lord, for "her."
Thank you Lord, for grace.
Thank you Lord, for Joel.
Thank you Lord, that you will keep carrying me through this.

click on the photo and be blessed by the detail


The Munck Family said...

Oh what a precious gift, one that the Lord orchestrated for He heard you! Isn't it wonderful when others listen to the Lords call and act as His vessel and hands. May the Lord be with you speaking peace to your heart.


Mountain Mama said...

Now I need a tissue.

Teena said...

yes, how wonderful it is when the Lord meets us... answers us and shows us how HE is carrying us.

Thank you for sharing this... thank you for sharing your heart with us these past 4 yrs. I remember those cow boots. :( I remember.

May you feel HIS hand upon you... as you continue to walk this journey... lifting you up to Him...

I love you,