Monday, December 13, 2010

Christmas tour......

Over at Kelly's she is having Christmas Tour of Homes!! I did this along time ago with the living room tour, I think it was! But I have enjoyed looking at all the links to the beautiful decorated Christmas homes! Hope you enjoy ours!

We are blessed with 13 children so two big tables are needed!
and we are getting new kitchen cabinets, so its not finished yet!

some sparkly snowmen!

our wood stove keeps us toasty!

our theme in our home decorations is western

my husband blessed me with this rustic shelf for our 24th anniv. in Nov

a western Christmas!

I think I can use these other than Christmas!

we have two large trees, the one here is a western themed tree and the
12 foot tree in the background is my great craigslist buy!!!
only $100!!

I made these just recently, glass boxes found at Lowes,
put 50 count lights in and wrap a wire bow
and you have shimmering gift boxes!

Merry Christmas
thank you for stopping by!!!


Teena said...

love it. It is beautiful.

Thinking about you....

much love,

black tag diaries said...

love your main room! all the sparkling lights are gorgeous! i was also going to say how much i love your huge kitchen table... but after reading your bio... i see that you and your family couldn't do without it! enjoyed exploring your blog!