Monday, December 13, 2010

christmas party pictures!!!

ready for the party!!

all the deer antler folks!!! hilarious!!!


Josh, a pay back from all his "youth games!!"

donut game!!!

my friend Natalie and my interior decorator.... :) her husband
Paul had to work and their oldest son Dalton was not there either!!!

new friends from church, vb folks!!!

us, with a few extras, Jessica, Kristen and Sid!!!!

our dear friends the Burnetts!!!!

Dave and Kate and Lilian

Chappell family, we play vb with them and this is Lucas' family!!!

our dear friends of 24 plus years!!

Jessica and the donut game!!!

Bill Stinson....u figure em out!!! ahahha!!!

Josh....minister of students at our church!

"gifts" they got!!!
Dave, Caleb and Sid!!
a head band, a necklace and a hat!!
i think they traded with other people!

this is our pastors family!!

girls enjoying the party!!

The Christmas party was alot of fun!!! Our friends, Jessica and Kristen made it in from Dallas and Maryland!!!! We had I think bout 60 people here! What a blessing for the space to host it! We ate first, and wow, a ton of food!!! Everything was so delicious! Then teh crazy games began. I will tell you about them in case you want some ideas for your party! I found them on line under group Christmas games! One was "reindeer antlers." We had 7 teams and I gave each team a pair of panty hose and 8 balloons! The winner would be the first team to blow up the balloons, putting 4 in each leg without popping any! And of course we had to get crazy pictures wearing the antlers!!! It was hilarious! Another game was a relay, unwrapping kisses with mittens on and racing back and putting the kiss in the next ones mouth. The last game was with a donut tied on a string and hooked to a dow rod and one team member had to feed the dangling donut to the other team member laying on the floor and no hands allowed!!!! Not easy for sure. If played, I would suggest the person not to lay on the floor but sit on the floor. It almost had a gag effect!!! LOL! We also exchanged gifts with a story that was read which had the words left and right and everytime the word was said, you passed the gift that direction until the story was finished.

What a great time and great friends!! I made posters for each family to hold up with silly things that represented their families and we took pictures!! So thankful for the friends the Lord has brought into our lives. Some are new friends we have met in the fellowship of our church here in town that we have joined and several of the families are long time friends! The Stinson family we have know for 26-27 years and the Burnett's we have been hanging with them for 10 years! Our family is blessed with amazing brothers and sisters in Christ!

We had a great weekend with Jessica and Kristen's visit. I will post some pictures of that another time!!!

Have a great Monday!

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