Thursday, December 9, 2010

craft idea!

I use to be a crafty person! Sewing, making craft things, more when we first got married, guess because I had more time and also looking for ways to make extra money. Not that I would not enjoy having extra money now, but I have lost the "crafty" mode! BUT the other night when the guys played their instruments at the Journey Through Bethlehem, the little reception room had these Christmas lighted blocks!!! They got my attention! I like warm lights and things that will last and not get smashed when you store it away until next year! As I inspected these crafty things, the lady there told me how to make them and they seemed so simple, mostly just gathering materials and plugging them kind of project!!!! They are glass blocks with a pre-drilled hole and you can purchase them at Lowes Home Improvement for $10. Next get a box of 50 count lights, whatever color you like and smush them inside the glass block, leaving the plugged end out so you can obviously plug them in :) Lastly get some wide shimmering ribbon with wire and tie as you would around a box, making the bow on top!!! Then plug in...and set them around to get you in the mood for Christmas!! You could be real creative and use them year around for different seasonal ideas!!! Let me know if you make one!!!

We are getting the house all cleaned for the Christmas party tomorrow night. Bethany and I had to leave early this morning and take a few vehicles to our superb mechanic!! Anna's heat went out in her little car, it ended up being the water pump....ugh!!! AND then we had to take Bethany's truck.....yes, I said Bethany's truck in for an oil change!!! That farm girl has done gone and got her a farm truck!!!!! Well, this is how it is, you see the guys are in Ada with ALL the trucks and how does a farm girl do farm duties, like hauling hay, picking up 500 pounds of feed, taking goats to the vet, (like in the van last week)??????? Soooooooo, she has been searching for one a while on craigslist and other areas and finally found one!!! Its a 2002 Ford 250 Diesel. AND its got a 6 inch lift, so that means I won't be driving it....too high for me!!!!! We are thankful for His provision for Bethany, she works so hard being the farm manager rain, sun snow or shine!!!! NOW, she will not have to ask her brothers to pick up feed and hay...she will be able to herself!!!! Oh, and its black.....major!!!!

Have a great Thursday!!!


Treasures from a Shoebox said...

These look stunning with blue lights inside and a beautiful, shimmery blue bow!

Anonymous said...

OH, MY GOODNESS, BESH!! I am soo jealous! Your truck is like exactly what I have always pictured my dream truck being! Color included!!! :) Okay, whenever I see you next, you absolutely MUST take me for a ride in that beast! :)