Wednesday, September 7, 2011

few lake pictures.....she only took about 900!!

Just a few pictures from the "lake crew!!" I am glad I did not go!!! They did toooo many scary things for me!! I think they only ended up with a broken hand from one of the guys, not any of ours!! ha!! We haven't done much real camping, so this was a real fun adventure for our crew. I think the only camping supplies we contributed was the campfire coffee pot!! I guess camping has never been our thing, but obviously Melissa's family are pros!!! Glad they had a great time!! That water would have looked good on the over 100 degree days but now that we are having upper 70's and 80's and 60's in the evening, it makes me cold!!

This was a short week!! We did get our school going and still working out a few kinks!! Was blessed today with being allowed to borrow an Algebra 1 curriculum that has a DVD so hopefully success is around the corner!! Thank you Cindy!!! ( another Cindy!! ha!!)

Daniel and Elijah were given some OSU tickets to the big game Thursday!!! Exciting!! You might see them on t.v.!! Grocery day for me Thursday, I will make sure and take a jacket, those stores are cold!! Friday, our hometown team, the Bluejays are playing an away game but its not too far, so Lord willing the littles are looking forward to that! Also, Thursday Bethany is judging a dairy goat show and Hosanna is going on a "field trip" with her!!

Hope you all are enjoying the cooler temps, its definitely feeling more like Fall!! I hope we get some rain soon, we gotta get some hot dog roasts and outside campfires going.....I cant wait to "smell" that smell!

woopsee daisy!!!!

I'm glad I did not go......
tooooo many dangerous "feats!!"

Lige and Melissa!!!

this is Melissa's dad.......a true sport to take this
crew to the lake
and be "in charge!!"

lotsa fun friends!!


Teena said...

Love the pics! We want to come to your house!

Much love,

Anonymous said...

Love those pictures! That looks like so much fun. =)

Nance said...

that fourth photo from the top is absolutely great. very good.

Lynni said...

So fun!