Monday, September 26, 2011

a home tour!

This weekend I enjoyed a "home tour!"  The hostess was Mercy Morris! What a tidy little place on the inside thanks to Mercy and Hosanna, and the outside has lovely landscaping by Joshua Morris.
Its a two story home!!!

a picture with the wonderful hostess, Mercy

Pendant lighting.......she got hers before I got mine for my kitchen!!!

she was a ready for  hosting the event, sweet little hair-do and "clip" earrings!!

she had a little more cleaning to do as I arrived but it didnt take long before I began my tour!!

  Had to get some new OSU attire for the year!!! They won this weekend !!! Yea!!!!

What are you going to do this week??

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Teena said...

Love it. Love the pics of Joel behind her.

How beautiful