Monday, September 5, 2011

our weekend/ their weekend!!

 Well we all went different directions!!! and it all happened on Friday!! Kristen treated Daniel to a "surprise" visit to MD for a little belated bd for Caleb!! Like a total surprise, blindfold and everything!!! From what I hear they haven't stopped since he has
 been there!! It made my heart happy to know they were together again!!

For the "others," Bethany, Elijah, Anna and Micah, they went to Missouri/Arkansas, whichever place has Table Rock Lake for real camping (no electricity) with a sweet family!! From what I have heard they have had a great time too and got a bit roasted!!

For the "leftbehinders" 6 of them, well we could not be outdone so we did our own stuff!! Friday night we went out to eat at Applebees!! Josiah, Jeremiah, Andrew, Hosanna got GIANT hamburgers which I was questionable if they could even eat them, but they did!! Josh got steak and shrimp like Terry, and I got some quesadillas, and Mercy got a :her size/reasonable size" burger!! ha!

After our little eatin out, we made a stop at Academy for 2 guys some tenny shoes!! Hard choice when there are likey hundreds to pick from!! But they made good choices!!

Our last stop for Friday evening was this new place I have been wanting to go, Pinkitzel!!! Its a whimiscal little candy shop that has any kind of candy, cupcake, chocolate you might want!! They each got to pick something out!!

On Saturday, Terry took the 4 little guys, well Andrew is not little but anyways, to the first OSU game this season!! They were pretty excited!! And Terry even managed to get some pics for me!!

Course us girls, Hosanna and Mercy and  I had to do something we did what girls do best.....SHOP!!! We made our rounds to some favorite places and of course the Disney store was the "hit!!"
Then we came home and us girls continued to have our fun by watching a movie!!

It has been a memorable Labor Day weekend!! The "lake" people will be back tonight for our annual burger cookout and Daniel will be flying back Tuesday!!

What did you do????



Janet said...

Oh my! I could get lost in that Cupcake and Candy shop! What a busy, happy week-end! You take care now! :)

Teena said...

Wow those cupcakes/candy look awesome!

You guys inspire me.... even through a very very touch time.


Jessica said...

What SWEET family memories for you all :)

Guess what I did?...Organized a Corgi Meet Up at our property (locals brought their Corgis over to play in the creek, etc.)

We also gave Julia a room makeover (paint, reorganization, etc.)


Katie said...

What a beautiful family! I enjoyed reading about your weekend, your happiness shown through my screen. Just lovely.

Thank you for your nice comment over at Team Skelley! :D

Eli's Lids said...

I'm love love loving your blog! What a blessing to have such a beautiful big family!! I would love to have more than 4 (due in days!!) but still praying for my hubby's heart!