Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Josiah's "Par-tee" pics and "the gift"

It was so tightly folded up. I didn't know if in just a few days it would "unfold" in time. I wondered if God would make it happen. Remember that rose bush? I have spoke of it often. Some friends gave it to us in memory of Joel. We lost several in the heat but I was determined to help this one to live! It did! A few weeks ago I noticed it was in the beginning stages of producing a bud. Remember it has never had more than two roses on it. This time it looked as though it would produce one. I wonder why it has two, then one, then two but sometimes not in that order. This time I think it was one for something special......a birthday coming up. As I inspected it on Sunday, I didn't have much hope that it would be open, so I just went my way and knew I would enjoy it when it "happened." Yesterday I had to peek again and see the progress.....I was amazed at what seemingly should have taken several more days, but the bud was very open and by late evening it looked like this...... I try to think of "special" things to do on Joel's bd, one year I wrote a poem, another year we made a collage of pictures, another year Bethany made the twin picture on teh side bar but this year I would not really think of anything. I felt bad because I didnt want the "missing of him" to be lost. I am so thankful God thought of something! I am receiving this as "a gift" from Him!

Josiah had  a "Golf Party" to celebrate being 8 years old!! He's kind into golf a little bit!! So we will call it a "Par-tee!!" We had Par-four burgers with "Chip-it" dip!! Can we have a bd party with anything other than grilled burgers? NO!! Had some fun desserts too. Peanut "Putter" Cookies, Par-faits, ( i found green pudding!!) "Donut holes",the "greens" drink, and of course Tee-off Cupcakes!! The "caddy's" (all who came to the party received "Caddy Treats!!" Since Josiah got a Putting Green, the little ones played an inside game on it! Love it that everyone was here except Caleb. I know its going to be hard as the little ones have more bd's to get siblings here, so for that I am thankful that we enjoyed being together!

Josiah, on each bd, "sends" balloons up to Joel!!
8 balloons up, up and away!!!


I'm Kristen said...

seriousy, amazing party. you rocked it,

happy birthday boys!

mel @ the larson lingo said...

This is SUCH a cute party! Great job. Love all the details! And, love your balloon tribute to Joel.

sarahdodson said...

I LOVE the way you decorate for bday parties. So awesome!!

Teena said...

Great job. Love your parties.

It is different as our older ones are not always around for the littles parties. Wesley's birthday was in July and he still says Mike/Amber didn't come for my birthday..... they live in Orlando now.

Love the memories of Joel... the rose. He is faithful!

Much love,

Denise said...

that is quiet a PARTY! you were so intentional with every detail.

and i too love the memories of joel.

may you all continue to live fully in the love lavished on you by our good God.

Emma and Mommy said...

I told you I would stop by for birthday party inspiration for Ella and Emma, and this post doesn't let me down! Amazing party. Glad to see Josiah enjoying his big day. I can't believe he is so big now!