Tuesday, September 27, 2011

plans and changes!

Plans sometime change dont they?? Its good to know the One behind the plans or the "Plan Changer!!" At least today I dont have much to do as far a preparing for the Lockwood family (of 14) that had plans to arrive at our house today but "plans changed" and the Lord knew they needed rest so they are getting to the Oklahoma area today and will arrive at our house tomorrow!! I cant wait to meet Jaynee! We have known each other via her blog and our blog, so this will be the first time to really meet their family!! A family of faith in innumerable ways, with their children, provision, giving of their lives to the missionary work in  Mexico, with their health as both Jaynee and Daniel have faced life threatening situations while being in Mexico. So I feel honored to meet heroes of faith! And what a houseful of blessings/children we will be able to behold with their 12 and 11 of ours here. (minus Caleb in MD and Joel in heaven) So today I can kinda relax and be happy I have the Pumpkin sheet cake and lotsa sugar cookies in the refrigerator ready to be gobbled up!! I figured I would cook them our traditional grilled burgers that we have sooooo often and I will throw lotsa hotdoggies on there too!!  Oops, hope she doesnt read this, then it wont be a surprise!! ha!

I thought i would splash a few pics of the "in love" people on here! Caleb and Kristen are doing great!! He is still doing odds and end type jobs and awaiting to see if he can get hired on at this one construction company for a more permanent job. On October 29th, it will exactly one year since they met here at our house when she came from MD to take pictures of our family!! WOW!! Look what has happened in a years time!! :) They just had their "5 month" day of Caleb asking her to be his girl!!!! So sweet!! Look forward to whats ahead!


looks like they do lots of fun things, huh???

(they went to some sort of Go Cart Inside Raceway, I think he said the cars went 40mph)

Bethany is getting all ready for the Tulsa State Fair the end of this week. She did a good job at the OKC Fair so Lord willing she will have good success this time too!!

I have to say school is going alot better than previous years. The new curriculum is working well, although it is a challenge to what they have been use to, but I feel like much more is being accomplished in a days time!  Now I just want to be consistent without interruptions. I still try to convince them they still have it made!!  haha!

If you think about it, pray for our family as Terry seeks direction for what God wants our family to do in the area of work. Terry's vision has been to work with his sons and God has fulfilled this over and beyond with the construction business, but as they are older now and seeking what God would have them to do, different interests, pursuits they feel God might lead them to do, and of course Caleb not being here, we are praying about the future. I mean, Terry didnt ever expect they would work with him forever, but could if they wanted to. So I do not know what the Lord will do and changes might not happen until many months yet, but its just on the burner as we pray and seek direction. We have been so blessed with all God has done and what HE has provided in the last almost 5 years! It has certainly been a season of "plenty" and thats all to the glory of God! I know Terry and the guys have met so many people as well and by HIs grace have sought to be a light as opportunity gave so I know that is all in the basket of thankfulness as well! It will be exciting to see what God does in the future!

Well, got some Roy Rogers going on here, so better go and finish the day!!


Chad and Jessica's Family: said...

So exciting about the Lockwoods. THey were gonna stay here with us but they could not get a contact!!! you've gotta post about their visit!!!! Plans certainly do change and I know the Lord will provide work for you all no matter who is where or what happens.

pumpkin cake? Will you share the recipe????


Katie said...

I enjoy reading your blog so much because your family is just filled with the Spirit! I admire your joy and your positive attitude. :D

Jessica said...

Which curriculum have you switched to, Cindy?

p.s. we are now matched with a birth mother - she is expecting a baby boy in early December. Trusting the Lord as this journey unfolds!

JOHN said...

How exciting to actually be able to have the Lockwood family come into your home.....can't wait to hear about all the good times you will have with them.

Jessica..I miss not being able to read your blog....you were always such an inspiration to me.

Take care,

Teena said...

Yes would love the recipe!

Also please let chad/Jessica know I miss being able to read her blog. Miss seeing the kids grow! Maybe she could email me.


Thanks, Cindy!