Thursday, September 29, 2011

27 people!!!!

What do you do when 27 people get together???? Four parents and 23 children?? LOTS!!!

The Lockwoods are a family of 14, missionarys in Mexico, and are on furlough through Dec. I met Jaynee, the mom, through this blog. We have been "friends" via the internet since Joel's illness and his entrance to heaven in Jan. 07, and she has faithfully encouraged me in these 4 1/2 years. What fun to meet her yesterday and their family!! We read each others blogs and keep up with each other and we send each other e-mails when we want to do serious girl talk!! I have been blessed with her friendship!!! They continue on their journey today as they set out for Arkansas, then to places like N. Carolina, upstate NY, Michigan, and then back towards California and then in Dec, heading back to Mexico to serve there.


sooooooo, this is what 27 people do.......

play and sing......

try to learn a Spanish song......
but I did not get it!!!!

eat LOTS of food!!!

hamburgers, hotdogs, pumpkin cake,
sugar cookies, muffins and 30 scrambles eggs!!!

and then we give them the best beds in the house.....
you know I am just kidding!!!! I think everyone had a good nights rest,
wherever they slept!!!!

Good times with people that love the Lord!! If you have a prayer list, add the Lockwood family to it!! Pray for travels, for safety, for provision, health, strength, for Daniel the father as he preaches the Word and for Jaynee energy as she organizes and keeps up with shoes and socks!!! ha! She is a super organized gal and does a great job with the running of this trip smoothly!!

 I am thankful to finally meet them!!! I love you Jaynee and your family!!!!  and Daniel, you forgot about
that workout with the guys!!! haha!!!


Vanderpolclan said...

I'm so excited for you that you could meet up with them. I'm sure it was a wonderful visit.


MP said...

How wonderful and blessed are you! Love the Lockwood family. I follow your blog and this time I got a double the pleasure with only one read! :-)

Chad and Jessica's Family: said...

love it!! Sounds like fun and I am sure Jaynee loves the pic of her sleeping on your granite!!! LOL!!!!! Hope she didnt fall off!!!!


Luke's Mom said...

What a blessing to get to meet this wonderful family of faith. Loved seeing the pictures and hearing about your time together.

It's weird at times to feel like you know the people who you follow so closely on their blog. I would love to meet your family one day too, you are an amazing example of God's goodness and faithfulness, thank you for spreading God's love to others.

Love in Christ,

Daniel and Jaynee Lockwood and Family said...

We FINALLY have internet and I got to see this post! Hahahahahaha! What a wonderful "memory trip" it was with you all!!!!!!!!!
Yes, I love the counter sleeping pic! ha! :)
Thank you, thank you ,thank you, and muchisimas gracias for everything!
So thankful that the Lord has let us be friends. You have blessed and encouraged me so often, Cindy! May the Lord continue to keep your hearts soft and use you ALL greatly for His Kingdom!
We love and miss the Morris family soooo much!

Daniel, keep praying about comin' on down with us :)