Friday, September 30, 2011

instafriday #5

Don't you just love Fridays???? I do for many reasons!!! Instafriday, football games, staying up late, NO school, no schedule and  lots of other stuff but I will not bore you with my list!!!

Time for the week in iphone pictures!!!!
 so I joined up with......

                                                       I cut this apple out and thought they would all be fighting
                                                          over it.......but NOT, so I ate it myself!!!!!


      Josiah made these numbers for Mercy!                                                 thrift store treasure!                    

 this is my very dear friend Natali (on the left,)                         made lots of cookies for a missionary
I was trying to see who had the biggest                                       family of 14 who visited us for a day!
"turbo" hair, me or her...... Who wins???



               on our table.....easy!!                                                                on of my fav places on our farm!!

       the weather has been sooo nice, so                                                     our roses are blooming again!
                      lots of bikers!!!


Fall meal......corn muffins and veggie soup!                                  this is "country" taxidermy!!! mounted
                                                                                                                         with a hot glue gun!!

                                                               and Mercy and Charlie say
                                                               "thank you" for stopping by!!!!

Have a wonderful weekend!!!!!


ImmediateMom said...

Looks like you're ready for fall - great pics!

The Every Day Extraordinary said...

I love the Fall--what a beautiful family you have!! I'm so glad you stopped by--giving me a chance to get to know you through your blog a bit. I'll definitely be back!

Hershey's Moma {amy} said...

Oh the hair. LOL.
I do love this fall weather- yours must be a little more mild though with those roses blooming again. Beautiful.
Have a good weekend of football, staying up late and so forth... ;)

Heather said...

love the pics!!! what an amazing family you have!

Julie said...

Great pictures this week! I'm hooked on your instafridays :) As for the hair? Oh myyy stars! I think it's a close competition but Natalie might be the winner! Ha! Veggie soup & corn muffins sound SO good! It's been rainy & dreary here most of the week. I don't have a veggie soup recipe...never made it, ever. I suppose it's time to try something new this fall! Enjoy the weekend & new week! Blessings over every second of it!

mel @ the larson lingo said...

I think your friend beats you for big wedding hair :) Jealous of your Fall was still in the 90s here this week. Boo!!

Kimberlee Haag @ said...

Just found your blog after your {sweet} comment on mine {we are coffee sisters I think}. Your story is truly inspirational. I look forward to getting to know you more! We recently lost my nephew (who has a twin) and have been grieving the loss. I think God brought me to your page. Love how He works! XoXo

Mandy said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! I enjoyed reading yours as well! You have a beautiful family. And I think your friend wins for the turbo hair ;)

LB said...

I would have been fighting for that apple. I love it! What a beautiful photo. You're thrift store treasures are great. I love thrifting. The "turbo" hair is too funny. Thanks for sharing. Have an awesome weekend!!

Anonymous said...

Such pretty pictures!

Stopping in from the instafriday hop

Hope you have a great weekend

Casa De Luna said...

I love the apple shot. It's that time of year. I'm contemplating whether or not I want to attempt making apple sauce.

Becca at One Girl said...

Your cut out cookies look perfect! What is your secret?

Anonymous said...

I love your pumpkins & Indian corn!

Anonymous said...

Love that apple!!!

Katie said...

Hello! Just read your comment- share away! I am not sure which Pinterest link you are referring to, but you are more than welcome to link to any of them on my board!

And LOL on the Kelley! I get that ALL of the time. When I was a Davis, no one ever called me Kelley, but it is common now, hee!

Have a great week!