Monday, October 3, 2011

over the top wedding!!!

                    Anna's friend (mine too!!) Jamie!!!                               my dear friend Natali!!!

On Saturday we all went to a wedding!!! It was the most awesome wedding I have ever, ever, ever been to!! Do you understand??? ha!! It was near Guthrie out in the country!! Several things made it stand out!!! Course the Lords presence there!! Then so many really wonderful idea!!! One was at the guest sign table, they had this tree print framed and everyone inked their finger and pressed it on the tree!! The simple yet warm decorations of Fall and country mixed were amazing, like the manure/compost/mulch(my friend Natalie told me to go with compost instead of manure!!) piled around the trees with old doors, pumpkins, flowers. They had an old wagon for gifts. The reception was incredible!! A huge tent decorated with lights and tissue paper flower things strewn from the top to outer edges under the tent. The two things that were so awesome to me was the tiny little jelly jars made by the family as gifts to all that attended!!! I have never seen a "Pie Bar" at a wedding, totally authentic!! Everyone drank their tea or lemonade out of pint mason jars with tied with little rope and brown tags to write your name on and candy striped straws!!! And did I mention, they had a full fledge BBQ meal!!! There were round tables under the tent and the sweetest decorations on each table!! Lotsa candles, chimeneas, lights........this bride out did it!!! I was inspired!!! Wish you could have been there!!!

There is another BRAVE lady/family that lives upon this earth, besides my bestie Natalie.......Melissa's family/mom!!!! They are having us for dinner tonight!!! Yea for her, Yea for us!!! I dont think I mentioned it but Melissa, Elijah's gal, is in Wales!!! She is doing an exchange program and will be there the first semester!! We are able to text her and Elijah does skype with her, so that helps but we miss her soooooo much!!! But some fun news is Elijah and Melissa's mom are going to Wales in November to see her!!! Howza bout them apples????? Thing is.....I dont think he will want to come back, but will haveta!!!

But before the evening dinner engagement, two little girlies have a birthday party to attend!! Looks like our Monday is "booked!!"

The WHOLE family went to see Courageous last night!!! A must see!!! What a powerful message once again!! Hope you all have it in your plans to go see it too!!

Did anyone check out the Fall link I had in the Fall Ideas post????Anybody being crafty??

Ps 61:2 has been what I am seeking to cling to as of late, in all the changing season of my life!! From the ends of the earth I call to you, I call as my heart grows faint; lead me to the rock that is higher than I. That last part is what I like! I feel so pulled down by sin, self, circumstances.......I want to be "lifted" up higher than all of that! So its a cry, a prayer!!

Hope your week goes well!


sarahdodson said...

Looks like a really special wedding!! And Courageous is DEFINITELY a must-see movie! :o)

Payton Wilson said...

We just got back from seeing Courageous. It was great!!

Natalee said...

I SOOOOOO want to see that movie!!!!! And yes!! That was the most amazing wedding I have ever experienced!! You did a great job of posting all the pics!!

And for some crazy reason I'm still cracking up about the "doilies" !!!!! Baaaahaaaaaaawaaahahahbabab!