Monday, October 31, 2011

lots of pumpkin.......

Tonight we are having "pumpkin" and lots of it!! Pumpkin sheet cake, Pumpkin Crunch dessert and Golden Pumpkin Herb Rolls!!! Thats not all we are having!!! haha!!! Made a huge-e-mongus Pioneer Woman Chicken Spaghetti and a salad with much of it out of the garden!! Why???? Well, we are having some folks over for dinner!! The Naylors, all of them except Melissa!!  :(   She is in Wales!!! Sad for Elijah!!! But the rest of the family is coming and wow, I cant begin to tell ya the craZy times we have had together!!! But the great news is........ in 8 days Elijah and Melissa's mom are going to Wales to see her!! Wahooooo!!!! First time for Elijah to fly!!!!! Going for the bust right off the bat!!! Then when they get back it will only be about 30 days til she gets back home!!!

I'm home alone.....can you believe it??? I had to finish up gettting ready for our guests and the rest all went up to the church to help out with the outreach of our church hosting "Family Fun" night for the children in our town!! I have everything about ready!!

Oh, Bethany got her 4s iphone today.......what will become of us???? They are alot of fun!!! I enjoy all the photo apps on mine!!

Have a great evening!!!!



The Cole Family said...

We missed seeing you at the fall Festival! We had a great time. Such a wonderful body of believers.


Marie said...

Home alone ??? Was that not kinda scary ? ....haha! Thanks for sharing all the pumpkin stuff :)

Sarah said...

Wow, we know the Naylors really well! I've been kinda stalking your blog for awhile, and Kristen's, separately! Have a lot of mutual friends. :) Love following you all. Have a great time with the Naylors!!

KD said...

Yum yum yum!!! We love making pumpkin bread most of all! But pretty much anything pumpkin sounds great!
Home alone? What's that? Lolol