Monday, October 10, 2011


They are here!!! Caleb and Kristen came for a visit!!! Also my dad and Shirley are here too!!! So I guess its kinda like a party!! It feels good to have all 12  children home! They are so grown up as I look around! Adults!!! Their own lives, own journeys! Well, its wonderful the Lord gives grace to momma's hearts!

Caleb came with a purpose to work on his house to at least make it where the elements will not mess all what he has put into it and hopefully he will have his walls all ready for concrete by the end of the week or early next week! Daniel is pouring the concrete in his walls tomorrow so a busy day ahead!! And Kristen will be Supervisor!! :) Fun times!!

Hope your Monday is amazing!!!

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Payton Wilson said...

YAY!! How fun! I'm so glad they finally got to come visit! Tell them both "hey" for me! =)