Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Caleb's house work!!

He came, he went! Far too short but it was soooooo good to see him! So to the airport early this morning I took him!!! I did good, I didnt cry til I got in the car and saw him going through the doors! Grace, grace, its at every turn, thank you Lord!! I think Caleb was very pleased with the results of why he came....to see his family of course but also to work on his house!! Remember Daniel poured his walls a week or so ago and Caleb poured his walls yesterday, Monday!! And as always we have to make it an "event!!" We all went out, cooked burgers AGAIN and just had fun being together!! Kristen had to go back to be a hostess for a baby shower so she left last Wed. :(  I asked Caleb if this still felt like home and he said "yes," and I asked him does MD feel like home too now, and he said "another home!!" Guess there's nothing wrong with "two" homes!!

  this is Caleb's "castle he is building!!"

this little guy was "flitting" around happily right next to the will be french doors 
at Caleb's house......it caught my attention and I chased it around a bit!
a butterfly........signifies change.......I thought it was neat that

 as the Lord continues to guide, it will be a big change for Kristen
to "go country" but I know grace will abound
when that time comes! How wonderful that God reminds
us of his beautiful character through His own creation!!

 do you see something WRONG with this picture?????
I do!!!!

Thankful the pour in the walls went well, everyone stayed safe and one more step accomplished on Caleb's house!! Now to "save up" and go to the next step, framing the walls and getting the roof on!!! In the meantime, Caleb has hired out Micah to clean up, take all the bracing down and spray paint the walls to preserve it until he will get the brick and stone later on down the road!! So praise the Lord for His provision!!!

Hope you all have a happy Tuesday!!! Its gonna be in the thirties tonight!!! Soooooo, good day for chili!!! Thank you for all your kind comments about the family pictures!!! I was thrilled to get them!!! I can check that "off" my list!!!!

P.S.  ok, I can say it again.......luv iphone pics and edits!!! 



The Ahlgren Family said...

We're so happy for both the guys finally getting their walls poured! I'm sure it's nice to know that they're secure and to not have that weighing in the back of their minds! It was a blessing to hang out with you all while they did it too! Lilian LOVED playing with "Mwercy" and the others, and getting to see "M&M"! :D Fun times!

I'm Kristen said...

wish i had been there. couldn't be more proud of that little-bigger-then-he-used-to-be man ;)