Tuesday, October 4, 2011

a walk!

Josiah had to take me on a mini hike this morning to see if it was a place he can go hunt! I told him it was fine but I also stopped along the way and took a picture!! There are some neat things that are kinda hidden but sometimes a walk with an 8 year old lets me see what we are really blessed with......a safe place for our children to roam and explore and more than that, to "see" God!!

Well, I thought I was toast!! My treadmill bit the dust!! I had been walking on the road, but its gravel and it really is not comfortable to do that, especially if you walk really fast! I seemed to always be close to twisting my ankle and not having a steady footing! Sooooooo, I checked out other options to maybe "go" to but finances hindered any other options right now! I got to thinking of our trampoline and I have never been a "jumper" like the children!! They LOVE it and not long ago we replaced it with our 4th mat!! That tells ya how much they LOVE it!!! I did some googling and found out this information!!!! SO if you have a trampoline why not get with it!!! Its really relaxing and I feel it produces a way better cardio workout than I was getting walking!! Let me know if you take it up!!

Hope you have a great Tuesday!!!

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The Ahlgren Family said...

Thanks for sharing that article about it! Told ya it was good for you! :D I've even read about it benefiting handicapped people who can't jump themselves, but can be laid on it and bounced by someone else! Have fun bouncing around!