Wednesday, October 12, 2011

a double date!!!

I never really thought about what it would be like.....going on a "double date" with your child and his very special someone!!! But last night it happened! Terry and  I went out with Caleb and Kristen! I am continually faced with this "season" of life we are in, its wonderfully exciting, yet I think I missed reading a book about preparing for the transition!! I wonder if there even is one?? We had a great time!! The little MD chic came all the way to OKC to take us to a restaurant that I did not know exsisted in OKC!! As we got to the general area where this little place was, I think Caleb was a bit skeptical (I was wondering too) of what had his little girl got us into......but like she pointed out, "have I ever led you astray with a restaurant choice yet?" And when we drove up and proceeded to get "in-line" that extended out the front door, I think we were at a "hot" place of fine picnic table dinning in the beautiful OKC night!! Are yall curious of the place??????    I really would like to go back there sometime!

Big Truck Taco
(off of 23rd street in OKC!)

My dad and Shirley treated the other children to pizza, so they had a good time too with them while we were gone!!!

                                                         do you know what those words mean????
                                                                                  "loving couple"
                                                                                    in Spanish!!

after dinner, we headed to Bricktown to

after Starbucks we had to go head over to
Bass Pro, because
Kristen had never been in one!!
She did not believe us when we told her
the animals on display were real stuffed taxidermy
animals! She did not like the place after that!!
(all the dead animals)

A great night of fellowship! We talked about homeschooling, Caleb's work in MD, babies, a profound and insightful project Kristen is working on, family and how God's Sovereignty is so amazing! I have to say I am proud of them both, and thankful for the Lord and his beautiful mercies to bring them together!!

................and make sure you go on  a"double date" with your child ASAP!!!


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Jessica said...

YOU should write that book about preparing for the transition!

The tacos look delicious!