Tuesday, October 11, 2011

house building......

Today Daniel poured the concrete in his walls!!! Yay!! Sooooo we all went out to "help" work and cook burgers out in the woods! It never gets old doing stuff together as a family! Even my dad and Shirley were here as well as Dave, Kate, Lil' Mavie and baby Ahlgren due in Dec.! Good times with very special people! I am blessed to have all the children here and Caleb's wonderful girl, Kristen!!

                                                               they got their "own" things going on!!! Ha!!!               

                                                                      Mavie and Mercy!!

Happy Tuesday!!!!


Heather said...

love all these pics! what a beautiful family :)

Teena said...

Cindy, I know you are glad to have everyone home. Yes our mama hearts. It is strange to me too. Mandi moved into her own place... about an hr away. Dakota is off at college most days... so just the 3 youngest and us. Mike/Amber in Orlando. Just feels sorta strange at times. I do like the time with the younger three... but it is weird to me.

Listen to me ramble. I know you enjoy all of them home. You are such a special person. YOU grab hold of the moment.

Cindy, have you seen the movie Courageous? I thought about you so much in it. I will be praying for you... it is a good movie. It is filmed about 1.5 hrs from where we live. We know a couple of the extras in it. We know the lady who was in the Fireproof movie (elderly nurse). Our Alyssa is named after her. She is our former pastors wife. We see her often.

I probably should of fb you or emailed.

much love,

Anna said...

Sounds exciting! I can't wait to see Kristen's version of this relationship on her blog. :)

Mandy said...

Yay for house building! It's also good to see Dave and Kate!