Friday, February 5, 2010

thinkn' bout gardening.....

We have been living out in the country, in this house for 15 1/2 years! Absolutely wonderous!! The first 2-3 years our garden measured 50 feet by 100 feet, which is 5000 square feet. That was even a good size for amateurs. My dad gave Terry lots garden "scoops and how to's." Terry has done an incredible job of learning to garden naturally. The children LOVE helping and diggn' with their dad. Each year it seems our garden gets bigger and bigger. Last year the farmer's market that we participated in locally went really well. So this year the garden is very large!!! It has grown to 24,924 square feet. Our motto is we plant and water as we can but God gives the increase!!!! But right now the funniest thing that is out in our garden is two twin boys houses!! They have literally staked and stringed what their house plans will be like and are getting the "feel" of how big it will be!!! They are totally something! I screamed out the door last night and said,"hey you can just build there!!" It would save them so money and they could eat at our house alot!!! I do no think they were up on my idea. A little tooooo close to parents with a bride. We are so excited for their futures, what the Lord has for them, and are feverently praying that the Lord would bring them their "Rebecca's." And too that He would bring our daughter's their "Issac's!!" I love having older children just as much as the littles, every phase is so great!!!! Oh, back to the garden........Terry is making and drawing out plans for this years garden. I can hardly wait too, the fresh and tender lettuces and the crunchy spinach and the juicy tomatoes amongst the lists of veggies we desire to plant, that is if we can get their houses out of our garden!!!!!! LOL!!!!!!! Are you all making plans yet for yours??

Its Friday and you might know what that means.....HAMBURGERS!! It also means DAVE AND KATE AND MAVIE!!!!! Oh, and Anna's dessert!! Hope everyone has a great weekend.


Chad and Jessica's Family said...

Cute post Cindy, That is so funny how they have their house plans in your garden and they will be blessed by planning homes for their future wives and going into it debt free. Job well done for you and Terry raising these Godly hard working young men. It is fun to see. I had a question, when you moved in the country......did you know other believers or people? THat is one thing that i ponder as we want to move to the country. I do not want to be lonely and we need fellowship of the brethren. I would love to know. Well blessings to you. WE had 2 large families here last night for dinner and I was bragging on you all and telling them all about you. My one friend just watched Joels journey and was blessed so much. Have a great weekend.


The Ahlgren Family said...

That is hilarious about the houses in the garden! David was telling me all the details as we were going to bed! Why not if you have the space!
I sure hope we can have some sort of garden this year. If nothing else we'll plant a row of lettuce at the new place Lord willing. Lettuce seems to be our main vegetable, David ate a whole head of romaine the other day; just sat down at his desk and crunched away! I love it!
We're looking forward to seeing your garden in full swing this year! It is always so beautiful! The Lord blesses your diligence and hard work.
Thanks for the burgers last night! They were SCRUMPTIOUS and TASTY as always!!!!
We love you guys!

Jessica said...

Yes, we're planning our small garden area... much smaller than your first in the country! Ours is close to the house (in the lawn area) so for now we are only gardening in the raised-bed method. But who knows what each new year will bring! By the way, we're giving away the West Ladies gardening video on our blog (drawing a name tomorrow), if you're interested!


I am not sure if you will see this, but I want to encourage you... if you and your husband find a place in the country that you believe to be best for your family, the Lord will provide the fellowship!

We moved to the countryside of southern Indiana in late 2008 and did not know a soul! The Lord led us to dear, like-minded friends.