Wednesday, February 17, 2010

blue skies......

Finally, a day of sunshine and blue skies, but only for a few days then a chance of snow and rain again! I went outside briefly! And guess what??????? It is probably way too soon, but Micah set the volley ball net up!!!!! Wahoooooo!!!!

Jeremiah, Hosie, Joshua and Siah
major "farmish" looking children!!!
check those boots, holes in knees....
they don"t have a care in the world!!!

Tomorrow is Jeremiah's 10th Birthday......another party!!!


Teena said...

I just love your pics! Great job.

Love seeing all your children.

Will this be the Lego party? Or what does he want?? What theme?


Jessica said...

Wow... short sleeves! It's so cold over here in Hoosier country. We're all longing for spring.