Sunday, January 31, 2010

who is this??

picture of the day.....
who is this????

this person is going out to the prospective 160 acres
and since all the snow is around, why not dress for
the occasion, and he is prepared to ward off
any wild beasts out there ")

quote of the day.....

Terry saying to me-"dear, the next piece of furniture that I am
going to get you is a "love seat" so
we can sit together, and when the boys
get married they can have it."

Micah says- "dad, your gonna keep lovin' even if they get married!!"
(like don't give the loveseat away)!!!!!!

menu of the day.......

kate and all the littles are makin' cookies!!!!


Chad and Jessica's Family said...

It must be Caleb or Daniel? But I do not know the difference b/t the two!! :) Cant wait to see the finished tile!!! We have done lots of tile in our home!! IT is so nice when finished. Blessings


The Gilmore Family said...

Okay, this is the 3rd time I've tried to comment, something is wrong with your bloggy commenty thing. :)

I was going to say that it is either Caleb or Daniel... but I've not ever known which is which so I don't know! :)

Love all the pictures!!

Sarah G.

The Gilmore Family said...

Yay! it Worked!!

Anonymous said...

What in the world is Caleb doing??!

maggie B. said...

its Caleb!!!!! WHAT IS GOING ON HERE????????????????????????????!!

Mandy said...

That love seat would be a little crowded with both boys plus both wives! LOL!

Jeremy said...

Nice pic. As a side note, since we have been home from visiting your family I have compared every cup of coffee I have had (maybe 3 or 4 in the last 2 weeks) against the excellent coffee I had at your house. I need to get some of that Columbian yummy.

Thanks again, Jeremy.

P.S. - We are enjoying the CD (as I type, actually).

Beth said...

Caleb, he posted it on FB.

Dara Steward said...

I semi-apologize, maybe more just recognize that this comment is not related to your post. Just scrolling through your website and reading todays post, I am again reminded of what a blessing family is. We are weeks away from welcoming our second son into the family. I couldn't be more excited! When others scoff at large families or don't understand families with more than 2 children, I just think of you guys and how many blessings you have received and what an example you are to me. Thank you for continually sharing what life is like in your home and for godly admonition!

Love you guys.